Natural Methods to Prevent Hair Loss

By: calismith | Posted: 06th September 2009

Looking beautiful and practicing hair care tips, go hand and hand during pregnancy. Pregnant women are known for the gorgeous glow they exude. So just because your body may be going through many unexpected changes, looking beautiful throughout this process is still possible.

Any stylist in urbane scrubs will tell you that eating healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals is essential in keeping your hair healthy and lustrous, as well as in helping prevent hair loss. Hair is made of protein, so getting enough protein is a must!

Massages are also beneficial to hair loss problem. Do regular hair massages with herbal oil before washing your hairs. Oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil all these can treat the hair fall problem and also improves the blood circulation at the hair roots.

Hair loss may be caused by many factors including changing hormone levels, illness, stress, overuse of strong chemicals, excessive traction, poor grooming practices, side effects of medical treatment, poor nutrition, weak immune system and the effects of aging.

One of the most effective natural methods to stop and prevent alopecia and baldness is regular scalp massage. Massaging your scalp regularly every day gives you the added benefit of improved blood circulation. This is particularly helpful since poor blood circulation in the scalp area is one of the major causes of hair loss.

Mask-wrapping of the egg yolks: one egg yolk, mix with a teaspoon of alcohol and a tea spoon of water. After the first washing mixture wriggle into the skin of head, to hold ten minutes, then rinse the hair.

Vitamin B 6 in cosmetology used to stimulate hair growth, but also for the health of the skin and nails. He is very much in the beans, liver and vegetables.

Good balanced diet and proper nutrition is key for having good beautiful hair. Green vegetables and fruits provide essentials vitamins, minerals and proteins to hair that keeps hair long, shiny and attractive.

Henna is also very common herb and traditionally used for hairs. Henna act as the natural conditioner for hairs and helps in stopping the hair fall.

Propecia is one of the well-known hairloss remedies. Propecia is the first hairloss remedy approved by Food and Drug Administration. More than 2 million Americans are using Propecia at present. Propecia works on Alopecia by inhibiting the formation of DHT.

To avoid side effects of Propecia or to reduce their effect it is advisable to take Propecia as prescribed by the doctor. Do not lower or increase the dosage of Propecia as in either case, you will be at loss.

Jojoba oil is another popular treatment for natural hair loss, with many commercial hair care products nowadays incorporating it as one of their ingredients. While using jojoba oil to fight hair loss

Exercises and yoga are very effective remedy to deal with the hair loss problem as well as it also improves your health. It will help you for proper blood circulation. Yoga helps you to reduce your stress because stress is also the one of the reason of hair loss.

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