Turning down Bond Girl’s role not to affect Megan’s career..!

By: jasmine | Posted: 01st September 2009

Entire Hollywood Entertainment is now excited with one thing, Megan Fox's ‘sensational' decision to turn down Bond Girl's role against Daniel Craig. Well, certainly a bold decision but perhaps not so sensational as the biggest movie industry of the world is buzzing. From the time of Shawn Cownerie, the first James Bond in silver screen we have seen several attractive ladies playing the Bond Girl. Undoubtedly, roles in James Bond movies have been highlight of their career but one cannot claim that without that role they couldn't establish their career. It was because of their appeal, talent and recognition as actress that they were offered the role of Bond Girl and not the reverse. Accepting or rejecting a role is entirely up to an actor's choice. An actor or actress always accept roles that he or she think will give mileage to their career and if somebody thinks she can get a better role than playing Bond Girl, then what's so sensational it.

As per news in the dailies and the websites, Megan has turned down the offer as she thought it was a very minor role. To Hollywood Entertainment or movie lovers and James Bond's fans it is a stupid decision. They think by turning down the offer, Megan has lost the opportunity to display her screen presence in front of a large number of audience as Bond Movies are biggest crowd pullers but I think she has taken a bold decision and a very clever move. Yes as far as publicity and recognition is concerned she has given a big blow to her career, but with this decision she has succeeded in attracting the attention of the public. People, who were not familiar to her face are now searching for her photo in the net to know ‘who is Megan? How does she look like? Was she worth of playing the Bond Girl?

Well folks, that's giving her better mileage and the most interesting thing is that she is earning it not by her performance but her guts. Unlike the ladies who are now recognised as ex-Bond Girl Megan will always be remembered as the woman who didn't even care who James Bond is. May be it's a negative popularity, but in the world of movies, or hollywoodentertainment industryt where everything is mock and scripted, nothing is negative as such. I don't think the decision to turn down Bond Girl's role is going to affect Megan's career. On the contrary, with her bold decision, she has assured better mileage for her future.

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