Back to School – Help Improve Your Childrens Learning Skills

By: Chris Frostt | Posted: 27th August 2009

The benefits of brain training for children on their way back to school are becoming increasingly evident as scientists reveal significant improvements in kids with ADD and ADHD. MIND360's brain training program for kids features scientifically designed games that not only improve your child's attention, memory, thinking and reasoning, and visual perception, but promise tons of fun motivating them to play and train more.

Brain training for kids improving all the time

Though brain training research is still in its infancy, increasingly more studies are indicating that brain training games do indeed have positive effects not only on adults, but children as well.

What's long been known is that through proper training, youngsters can better develop their cognitive skills, and at a faster rate than grown ups. Until now, most research has focused on children with ADD or ADHD, especially in areas of concentration, memory, response control, and information processing speed.

While children diagnosed with disorders have demonstrated improvements in their abilities, a number of brain training games are also on the market to help children without disorders also further develop their cognitive skills, such as attention, memory, thinking and reasoning, visual perception, and even executive functions.

Help your kids go back to school with fun factor key to children's brain training results

The secret to successful training is not only in the science behind these games, but the degree to which they engage the child. In other words, the greater the fun factor, the more the child will be motivated to train. Studies also indicate that when a parent "plays" along with them, the child progresses significantly more.

As neuroscientists continue to discover the effects brain training games are having on children, common sense suggests that brain training can only help. The list of benefits is certainly worthy of every parent's attention:

*Greater concentration level
*Improved problem-solving abilities
*Better school grades
*Faster thinking & reasoning
*Enhanced eye-hand coordination
*More confidence & motivation
*Improved social behavior
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