Advantages of Hosted PBX VoIP Phone Service

By: John Steven | Posted: 20th August 2009

Small and medium sized businesses can now enjoy the advantages of hosted PBX VoIP phone service, with an increased number of service providers in the field. Hosted PBX VoIP phone service can help reduce your telephone expenses. Additionally, when you expand your business, numerous extension lines can be maintained from a single telephone connection.

Offer Your Small Business Organization a Big Business Image

With hosted PBX VoIP phone service, several calls can be handled simultaneously. Call routing process is accomplished without giving conventional busy tones to the callers. The high-tech call handling functions incorporated in the system including find me follow me call forwarding, automated attendant, voicemail, and call conferencing gives your business organization the image of a Fortune 500 company.

Another advantage of VoIP PBX service is you can utilize the different features without buying or installing expensive PBX equipments in your office premises. All the required equipments are maintained by the service providers at their sites. VoIP PBX functions are offered through a hosted server using high bandwidth Internet connection or dedicated telephone network.

Additional Workforce Not Required for Handling Calls

Hosted PBX VoIP auto attendant completely rules out the need for additional workforce in your office for answering calls. It efficiently manages all calls during business hours and non-business hours. Callers are greeted with appropriate salutation messages. Calls are redirected to appropriate extensions according to the menu option selected by the caller.

Advanced Voicemail System Eliminates the Odds of Missing Calls

With hosted VoIP phone service you can completely eliminate even remote chances of missing important business calls during peak business hours. The unanswered calls are promptly redirected to the voicemail box, enabling the callers to leave voice messages. Voice messages can also be forwarded to your email address as audio file attachments, so you can check the messages from any place. Through such an effective phone service you can achieve your unique business goals, increasing sales leads and revenue.

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