HTC Touch HD excellent device with a touch of elegance

By: Sherrick | Posted: 19th August 2009

HTC is a well known mobile manufacturer in the smart phone arena and has developed excellent quality handsets in the past. The HTC handsets are superb quality 3G enabled handsets which exclusively caters high end users. Most of the HTC manufactured phones are touch screen phones which are not only eye catchy but perform loads of functions.

HTC has produced magnificent handsets catering for professional as well as other users. HTC Touch HD is just one of them. The Touch HD looks very stylish with its 3.8 inch huge touch sensitive TFT screen which allows a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and shows 65K colors. The screen features a couple of smart functions like Proximity sensor for auto turn off, Touch sensitive navigation controls, Accelerometer sensor for automatic screen rotation which senses hand movement, TouchFLO 3D finger swipe navigation and Handwriting recognition. All these factors are responsible for the phone screen to work exceptionally well. The Handsets comes handy with weight amounting to 146gms and size upto 115mm x 62.8mm x 12 mm.

The HTC Touch HD comes integrated with 5MP camera which offers a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. The camera captures video at CIF@30fps and comes with auto focus function. The phone is equipped with a separate camera for performing video calling activity.

This device shows an exceptionally well data connectivity with support for fast Email and Instant messages. The handset also allows one to actively send SMS and MMS. The GPRS and EDGE technologies incorporated in this device is responsible for fast Internet access whereas the presence of HSDPA and HSUPA allow this phone to readily perform 3G skills efficiently. Video calling is one of the 3G skills which allow users to watch each other over their mobile phone screen while speaking with each other. The phone also features smart wireless technologies like WI-Fi and Blue tooth. The WI-Fi technology lets one send data from far off places to one's office or home, provided the user is within the range of nearby hot spot or WLAN. The Blue tooth technology allows user to send and receive data from a shorter range. For connecting through a data cable the HTC Touch HD comes with a mini USB.

The WAP enabled browser is easy to learn and operate and helps access net faster. The phone plays mp3 music files only and comes with a YouTube client support which allows one to watch YouTube over mobile screen.

The Pocket Office feature in this device allows one to access the Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note and PDF viewer. While roaming anywhere across the world the phone is compatible with the available bandwidth as it is enabled with 2G and 3G network skills. The phone also features GPS navigator which allows one to access the maps of places which one might be visiting for the first time. This also helps in locating one's position in any area.

The HTC Touch HD has preloaded games which keep one entertained for long during free time. The handset also features a Stereo FM which plays superb music from various stations available. The device is powered with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional which is responsible for its excellent performance. The phone also supports Polyphonic, Mp3, WAV, WMA ring tones which plays nicely when the phone rings or alerts while receiving messages or Emails.

This gadget has a built-in Standard Li-Ion Battery of 1350mAh which once fully charged can give a Standby time of 450hrs and Talk time of 6hrs and 30 Min. Hence we can conclude that the HTC Touch HD phone outstanding performance is due to its remarkable functions and displays quality features required in the day to day life by any professional.

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