Look Fresh, Beautiful and Natural This Summer

By: Vee | Posted: 03rd August 2009

Summer Beauty Tips

Summer is finally here, the perfect time for fun in the sun, feeling fresh and updating your cosmetic collection with new beauty products!

Because the changing weather affects the moisture in skin and hair, you will need to think about different moisturizers and foundations for the spring and summer months. If you have oily or combination skin, pick oil-free products to help keep oil down. If you have dry skin, you may not need to worry as much. Make sure to look for products that will deep clean, moisturize, and keep your skin matte during the warmer months.

As you spend time outside during the warmer months, you skin will tan. Try a new make-up color to help compliment your tanning skin with your spring and summer wardrobes. Waterproof makeup is not only good for swimming. Anytime you are outside and it's hot and you are sweaty, waterproof mascara will help keep your makeup from running. Powder eye shadow and blush are better in warm weather than creams. Powders keep your pores cleaner than the cream products.

During the spring and summer, you may not want to use your usual heavy foundation. A tinted moisturizer may be enough to do the trick. Or, think about mixing your concealer, or regular foundation, with your moisturizer to give you just a light, sheer layer of base. During the warmer months, you may not even need to apply the base to your entire face. Instead, apply it only where you need it most. After application of your concealer and foundation, lightly dust your face with a translucent face powder to set makeup and prevent shine. Throughout the day, freshen your makeup with a reapplication of powder.

During the warmer months, it is even more important to take care of your eyebrows. Wax, tweeze and trim as needed, making sure to do so before you apply any makeup or moisturizer. You can smooth eyebrows by brushing them with a clean mascara brush or eyebrow brush, which makes them easier to work with. A powder eyebrow filler, instead of a pencil, is recommended during the warmer months to help keep eyebrows fresh and natural looking.

You will probably not need as much blush during the summer months, but it is recommended that you use a light dusting. A brighter color is a great idea. Choose a color that compliments your skin tone, or use a sheer color. A liquid cheek color looks the most natural, but remember, if using liquid, to set it with translucent powder This is especially important if you have oily skin

Summer is a great time to go with sheer, shimmery, flesh tone colors for eyes and lips, but it is also perfectly acceptable to go for a pop of color as well. Give an eyelash curler a try to make eyes look bigger, more sensual and will help you look more alert. Bigger eyes also give a more youthful appearance!

You can really go wild with lip color, but stick with lip stains and glosses during the warm months. Stay away from lip liner and lipstick to keep your look fresh and natural.

Enjoy experimenting with new makeup and colors this Summer!
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