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By: ehco | Posted: 30th July 2009

It's pretty hard that I'm able to come to the United States for advanced study. My family doesn't have much money, so if I want to come here for study I have to depend on myself.
Two years ago I graduated from Nanjing University of Science and Technology. In fact I was planning to go abroad for study, but because I didn't have much money so I decided to stay in China working for a year to save some money and then apply for a college. To tell the truth, I was not sure that whether I would get scholarship or not. If I did get, of cause I would resign and go abroad for study; if I didn't, I would stay at that company and wait for an opportunity. It's so luck that I got the scholarship, so I could be in US now.
With my scholarship and my saving, my life here is ok. I haven't bought many clothes until now because things here are quite expensive. I knew that goods in US were very expensive before I came here but I don't know they will be such dear. The food, clothes and something else are much more expensive than they are in my hometown. It's lucky that I brought many clothes here, so there is no need for me to buy clothes. However, I didn't bring a pair of extra eyeglasses. The eyeglasses here are so costly that I couldn't even understand. Usually the eyeglasses I bought in my hometown was around 100RMB, while here I am unable to find that a pair of eyeglasses is lower than 100USD. What's more, I have to pay for optometry here. Unbelievable! In my hometown the only thing I have to pay when I buy a pair of eyeglasses it's that pair of eyeglasses and optometry is free.
Therefore, when I needed to change my eyeglasses, I refused to buy eyeglasses here. Yet I had to buy one pair, so I turned to my friends. Some suggested me buying eyeglasses here, because I had no choice; some advised me to buy eyeglasses online. I took the later advice. I searched for information online and found there were some online eyeglass stores. I looked through these online eyeglass stores carefully. At last, Glassesshop came to my sight. It's a quite good online eyeglass store which has existed for almost a decade. At that time I thought since it had done business for such a long time, it would be a creditable online eyeglass store.
I input its website and chose my eyeglasses. There were so many eyeglasses for me to choose that temporarily I didn't know which pair I wanted. Finally, I selected a pair of eyeglasses with pink frame, and it only cost me 20USD. When I got my eyeglasses, I examined them carefully. To my pleasure, there was no blemish. Until now I have worn that pair of eyeglasses for half a year, and it's still nice.
I will buy eyeglasses online from now on to save my limited money.
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