Principles of Arya Samaj

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On the 24th of June, 1877, the second major Arya Samaj was established at lahore. All subsequently established branches of the Arya Samaj have been founded upon the ten principles. Everyone who wishes to become a member of the Society must agree to uphold these principles in their entirety. However, nothing beyond these 10 Principles has any binding force on any member of the Arya Samaj.
Arya Samaj is a group of Arya people working for the betterment of humanity on the basis of Truth (Satya). Sarvabhom is that Arya Samaj is not limited to a particular religion, race, colour of the skin, country etc. In fact, anyone who is willing to work towards improving his/her conduct, thinking, character, inline with the Arya Samaj's principles and is ready to accept the teachings of the Rishis with reasoning can become Arya Samaji.
The definition of Satya (by means of five tests as explained by Maharishi Dayanand) has been explained in the karma section of the website. It is imperative for an Arya Samaji to base his/her life on Satya. An Arya Samaj operating by compromising Satya is only a social club with the name of Arya Samaj.

10 Principles of the Arya Samaj :
(1) God is the original source of all that is true knowledge and all that is known by physical sciences.
(2) God is existent, Conscious, All Beautitude, Formless, Almighty, Just, Merciful, Unbegotten, Infinite, Unchangeable, Beginningless, Incomparable, the support of All, the Lord or all, All-pervading, Omniscient and Controller of All from within, Evermature, Imperishable, Fearless, Eternal, Pure and Creator of the universe.
(3) The Vedas are the books of all TRUE knowledge. It is the paramount duty of all Aryas to read them, to teach them to others, to listen to them and to recite them to others.
(4)All persons should always be ready to accept the truth and renounce the untruth.
(5) All acts ought to be performed in conformity with dharma (Righteousness and Duty) i.e. after due consideration of the truth and the untruth.
(6) The primary object of the Arya Samaj is to do good to the whole world i.e. to promote physical, spiritual and social progress of all humans.

(7) Your dealings with all should be regulated by love and due justice in accordance with the dictates of dharma (righteousness).
(8) Eight: Avidyaa (illusion and ignorance) is to be dispelled, and Vidyaa (realisation and acquisition of knowledge) should be promoted.
(9) None should remain satisfied with one's own elevation only, but should incessantly strive for the social upliftment of all, realise one's own elevation in the elevation of others.
(10) All persons ought to dedicate themselves necessarily for the social good and the well being of all, subordinating their personal interest, while the individual is free to enjoy freedom of action for the individual well being.

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