Priceless ideas for sending mother’s day gifts to US

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Mothers occupy a special place in our heart and unlike other relations in our life, motherhood represents a strong and natural bond of love and trust.

What is the history of Mother's day?

The history of mother's day goes back to the late 19th century when the concept was first introduced by Julia Ward Howe. She wanted this day to be regarded as a day for peace immediately after the Franco Prussian war. However, there are other names associated with Mother's day, including Frank E. Hering, Mary Towles Sasseen, and Anna Jarvis.

Anna Jarvis realized the role played by a mother when her mom passed away in 1905. She also realized that all our life we fail to appreciate what our mothers have done for us, especially when they are alive. Influenced by this thought, Anna along with her friends started a letter-writing campaign to observe Mother's Day holiday at national level. Her efforts yielded results when in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson approved a joint resolution for observing Mother's Day all over United States.

So if your mother is staying in USA and you want to send perfect mother's day gift to US, we are presenting you with some of the most fascinating ideas.

What are some great ideas for Mother's day gifts to US?

• Beauty products and designer apparel
If you are looking for a lasting impression, you can choose Mother's Day gifts to US that help your mom enhance her beauty and looks. So consider sending her Indian and western dresses and accessories online like stoles, clutches, handbags, designer watches etc. But when you send such mother's day gifts to US, just pay attention to her taste and preferences.
• Home Decor Items as mother's day gifts to US

If any of the family members is concerned about the look and maintenance of the house, it's our dear mom. Not only does she make all the efforts to beautify it, but also ensures it is comfortable for all. So, if you are planning to make her life comfortable with your
selection of mother's day gift to US, choose paintings, idols and artifacts, candles and fragrances, plants and so on.

• Accessories for Your Mother

Your mother is the one who handles work and house with great care. A mother is mostly a multi-tasker and also the one who respects and values her profession if she is working professional. If you are planning to send a beautiful mother's day gift to US, shop for something that compliments her lifestyle. You can choose stylish accessories for your loving mom such as watches, stoles, clutches, and handbags, which she can use for her office.

How to send mother's day gifts to US?

Unfortunately, there are not many sites that offer a great combination of quality goods with timely delivery. Therefore, it is important to opt for a site that has a great presence in India and USA and also offer free shipping. Do check the FAQ section of the website for getting more details about the work style, payment method and customer service.

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