Preventing Kids' Injuries - Child Proofing & Home Safety

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Based on statistics, over four million children die each year because of home accidents. The most conventional types of are falling from very high spaces, poisoning, fires, suffocation, choking, drowning, accidental firearms going off, critical cuts, electrocution, inhalation of fumes from gas leaks, and being struck by blunt objects. These are harsh realities but all or most of them can be avoided by making your home safe.

When child-proofing the household, parents should not only consider buying expensive precautionary measure devices. You need to properly install these devices for them to work effectively. But remember that locks and security devices are not enough to keep your children safe. Parents' disregard is one big contributor of home accidents and should consequently be exceedingly observant in making sure that their children are out of harm's way all the time.

To avoid accidents indoors, following are four important factors that you should bear in mind especially when child proofing your home area. These factors can ease your mind as you are sure that your children are safe even indoors. Making your home safe and accident-free are definitely the leading priorities of parents.

Child-proofing your stairs

The stairs is the best part to begin. There are a lot of ways on how to make sure your stairs is safe. One can decide on to mount the child gates and handrails which will avoid children from going up and down. Clear the stairs from all clutters especially toys, garbage and anything that could get in the way of your children. Also utilize rough stair-flooring. If you have already constructed the stairs with smooth surface, there are materials that you can buy that will increase friction. Do not rely purely on security gates. Kids should constantly be accompanied by a qualified grownup when going up and down the stairs.

Child-proofing your kitchen

Accidents and injuries in kitchens are quite high not only for children but for adults as well. {To avoid this from happening, put child locks on showcase doors and drawers|To avoid injuries, it is important to put locks on showcase doors and drawers. Toddlers tend to takeout the entire drawers out of curiosity and open cabinets as well. Put away knives and other sharp objects and make sure that your child will not be able to reach on these sharp items. Moreover, always keep the floorboards free from grease to avoid accidental slips especially when your child is active and is running around the house all the time. Use appropriate cleaning solutions and clean the kitchen floor thoroughly whenever you use the kitchen.

In addition, remove all noxious cleaning agents away from your child's reach to avoid poison related accident. Kids are always curious and they tend to play with such objects.

When it comes to electric outlets, make sure that you child proof them as well. Ask your local hardware for child proof devices that you can mount in electric outlets like an outlet plastic covering. Kids are inquisitive by nature. So it is fundamental that you do something to guard your children from the imaginable negative results of their nosiness. Refrigerators should be child proof as well to avoid children from going inside and unintentionally locking themselves in.

Fire Proofing your house

To fire proof your home, first you have to review your residence. Hire a professional if you think you need to. Check the roof, environment (particularly if your residence is situated in an area with lots of greenery), and indoor appliances. Do not keep inflammable things near fire and do not leave lit candles unattended. Fire alarms are very useful. Install them correctly and test them regularly. Keep a fire escape ladder on the upper level of the house.

Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in each level of the house particularly near bedrooms. Also keep disaster preparedness kits at home. Always check that all fire safety devices are working by checking them regularly.

Shock Proofing your house

Negligence and poor maintenance of electrical sources at home can bring about accidents too. Check all electric wires regularly and conceal all electrical outlets to prevent electric shocks.

Surely there are several safekeeping devices that you can buy from hard ware stores. Professional childproof installers can also be found anywhere within the city. It is highly recommended that you seek expert help particularly with installation of these devices. Kids are characteristically inquisitive at their age. Proper guidance is indispensable especially for children who are under the age of three.

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