Prevent The Formation Of Stretch Marks With Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream

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There are lots of people opting to use non-surgical treatment for stretch mark and one example is the stretch mark cream. One advantage of using creams is its cost; stretch mark creams are generally cheaper than the surgical methods. However, not all stretch mark creams are effective. That is why it is important to look deeper in every cream. It is important to know what makes stretch mark creams very effective through their active ingredients. These components must deeply penetrate the collagen layer of the skin in order to make the skin firm and toned. Here are some of the known active ingredients that are proven to be effective in reducing or removing stretch marks: cocoa butter, Aloe Vera, glycolic acid, DMAE or dimethylaminoethanol, palmitoyl oligopeptide, grapefruit seed extract, palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, shea butter, retinyl palmitate and Siegesbeckia orientalis.

Striae or simply stretch marks in women are probably the most common dermatological problems they can encounter. Stretch marks occur if there is something that will cause changes in the body's shape as well as its proportions. Examples of these changes are weight gain and pregnancy in most women. It is necessary to use treatments that can go deeper to the skin layer, which is the collagen layers, to get rid of the stretch marks. In fact, many skin experts such as dermatologists have formulated and created stretch mark creams that can reduce the number of stretch marks, even eliminate them.

Stretch marks or striae are common dermatological problems and women encounter this problem most of the time. Stretch marks are unsightly for many. These markings arise from the stretching of the skin caused by activities or changes that makes the skin reach or even go beyond the elasticity limit. Examples of these changes are pregnancy, muscle building exercises and the like. People are constantly looking for means to get rid of these markings. Below are some of the common stretch mark removal solutions and methods available today: Invasive procedures such as surgery, laser stretch marks removal, microdermabrasion for stretch marks, tummy tuck operation. Non-invasive procedures such as stretch marks removal creams and lotions.

Stretch marks are unattractive and while the best solution is always to find a good treatment for it, there will be times you cannot avoid having to go out, even with those lines stretched across your skin! On those occasions, the best that you can do to hide them is to dress strategically! You can apply concealer over the marks, or you can try wearing clothes that hide them. For example, if you plan to go to the beach, try wearing a flattering one piece suit instead of a bikini to hide the marks on your abdomen. If they are on your legs, you can try wearing a wrap around skirt.

Believe it or not, my boyfriend has stretch marks; I didn't think it was also possible at first because I initially thought that it is only for pregnant women. Apparently, the only condition to have those unsightly marks is extreme stretching of the skin and since my partner is a body builder he has them in his bulging biceps and thighs. People actually crack up whenever I mentioned this to anyone, so I told my boyfriend that we need to find a way to get rid of it because in our relationship, the only person who is allowed to have it should be me.

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