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Press release submission is a highly powerful technique to build some back links for your website, directly promote your business, and reach both an offline and an online audience.

There is no question about the efficiency of this promotional strategy. However, its sheer potency leads many people to ask: why is press release submission not as popular as other internet marketing tactics?

The only possible reason is this: most internet marketers don't know how to proceed with this amazing strategy.

This article will teach you the basics of press release writing and press release submission. After reading this piece, it is hoped that you will know how to capitalize on this tactic and that you will take action based on your newfound knowledge.

What Is A Press Release?

A press release is a news item that is usually submitted to news wires. Upon submission, the press release can be picked up by offline and online groups who constantly monitor the said news wires for worthy pieces that they can publish in their newspapers, magazines or websites.

Central to the idea of a press release is the fact that it conveys a piece of news. As such, a press release SHOULD have the following characteristics:

- It must be written in the third person point of view.

- It should never refer to the reader personally. The pronoun "you" should be avoided unless the news article makes its usage necessary.

- It must be objectively written. It should propose no opinion. It should take no stand on any particular issue. It should never attempt to sell a product or service.

- It should answer the questions of who, what, where, when and optionally, why, which are pertinent to the news item being shared.

- It should be free of sensationalism and hype.

How Can A Press Release Be Beneficial For Your Business

The guidelines for a proper press release may lead many people to think that they will only result in boring pieces that won't be able to promote the business well. This, however, is a matter of execution. A skillful press release writer will be able to write a press release that satisfies the characteristics enumerated above while delivering a newsworthy news item that will not fail to capture the interest of readers.

How can your business benefit from a well-written press release?

- A press release will be picked up by many online entities for publication in their websites. If your link is included in your press release - as it should - you will be able to garner a lot of back links for your website.

- A press release published by an online group can also be picked up and republished by other webmasters. It will be an endless cycle that will lead to an exponential growth of publicity for your website and for your business.

- A press release will generate a lot of direct visitors for your website by virtue of the benefit mentioned above.

- A press release will be picked up by many offline entities. Your business will be exposed to a large offline audience.

- A press release written the right way will help build your brand.

Where Can You Submit Your Press Release?

There are many news wires online. The most popular of these is, which has a free service and a paid service.

However, you are not limited to submitting your press release to just one news wire. You can submit your press release to as many news wires as possible. The more news wires you use, the more visibility you will be able to generate for your press release, and consequently, for your business. Go to for a comprehensive listing of news wires where you can submit your press release.

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