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The press release format for online submission is the same as those that are submitted to the magazines and newspaper.
When writing press release, you can repeat the main keywords for the products or services which you are selling several times throughout the content.

The headline of the press release should briefly summarize the content of the press release. The standard length o the press release headline is 100 - 150 characters. To grab the attention of the readers, your headline must be written in an attractive style.

The subtitle of the press release will briefly describe the press release in at least two sentences.

The press release must have a date and venue before the first paragraph. The date should be the estimated published date of the press release. You should write the data format in month/date/year. The venue refers to the city where the news takes place, for example Brooklyn, New York.

The introduction is the leading paragraph of the press release. It should summarize the message which you intend to convey to the audience in the press release. The introduction should answer the five question including Who is the news for?; Who is making the announcement?; What happened in the news?; When did the news take place; and where did the news happen?

The rest of the paragraphs will describe the message in details. The body of the press release should provide information about the features and benefits of the products and services for the targeted customers.

The about section will include information about the background of your company. It should briefly describe the company in one or two sentences. Instead of using the heading "About the Company", you can use a more specific heading such as "About Company ABC LLC". You should provide the information on why you are qualified for providing the products or services. The about section in the press release is also known as the boiler plate.

The contact section is located at the bottom of the press release. The contact section should include the company name, physical address, telephone number, fax number, and email address. You can also include a link to your company site in the contact section.

You can include an image in the press release to attract attention. Picture is worth more than words. The picture you use must be taken with your own camera. You can also use a royalty free image that is purchase from the online royalty photo store. If you are representing a company, you can use the company logo or a picture of the product. Using image also makes your press release looks professional. You are advised to never use image that is ripped off from another site. Many people like to use Google Image Search to steal images that are not theirs. If the site owner finds out you use his imagine, he may sue you.

After submitting the press release, you will have to wait for the editor to approve it. Press release submissions often are published within 1 day. If you want a faster review, you can use the paid option.

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