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The 2008 election is one of the most important elections in the recent past. The united states is in a scenario where one wrong political move might be ruinous. The economy is reminding lots of the conditions before The Great Depression. The high court is expecting to replace a few of its justices. Whether the next president is John McCain or Barack Obama, he is going to have many imperative decisions to make on important issues that may affect our country for many years to come.
John graduated from the united states Naval Academy in 1958. After receiving his education, he turned into a Captain in the Navy. He served as a Naval Captain till 1981, giving him over twenty five years of expertise. In 1982, John McCain began his political career as a member of the House of members. In 1987, John turned into a Senator, a position that he still holds. In 2000, he unsuccessfully ran against George Bush for the Republicans presidential proposal.
He began his political career as a member of the Illinois State Senate. John McCain and Barack Obama have contrary viewpoints on many issues. The 2 candidates have different ideas pertaining to the issue of free trade. He thinks that free trade and a free market are necessary for the economy to progress. McCain has said that he would like to make a trade agreement with any country that'd be ready to enter an understanding with the united states so long as they negotiate with fairness. John believes the North American workers are the hardest working and most productive workers ; therefore , there should be no fear of the competing states. Barack Obama believes that trade needs to be controlled. He has said that he will eliminate tax breaks for companies moving overseas and create tax breaks for companies creating jobs within the united states. Barack want to make changes to NAFTA and other trade agreements to make them more favorable to the common person.
Barack Obama wants to switch how finances are regulated. Barrack's budget for his plan is well over 280 bill bucks.
McCain's plan would cost 2 hundred and eleven bill dollars. He is saying we must improve the economy to keep the military powerful and we can't pass this great finance burden onto the youth of America.
John McCain wants to give tax cuts to everyone. He compares his methods to those of Ronald Regan ; cut wasteful spending and cut taxes. To cut taxes, the states's spending must be in control. In 2003, he opposed Bush's tax cuts because spending was out of control ( On the difficulties ). John also thinks America needs a more fair taxation system, but is opposed to fair tax. Barack Obama want to cut taxes for ninety-five p.c of the people ; excluding the wealthiest 5 p.c. Barack believes it is acceptable to impose high taxes on the top earning citizens because under Clinton they did not feel oppressed. Obama asserts that he does not want to give money back to folks who don't want it. He said,'I will raise CEO taxes, without doubt about it.' Obama believes the tax breaks to the middle class will help offset the rising costs of food and gas.
Obama sees likenesses between the gay rights movement and the civil rights movement. He knows that being gay is not a choice. Obama thinks that queens should be allowed to take part civil unions, giving equal benefits and rights to gay couples. However , Obama is opposed to permitting gay unions. John McCain has similar feelings toward the gay community. John has no difficulty with gay people joining the army and says he would be comfortable with a gay president. While John believes that wedding is a union for one man and one woman, he suspects the issue should get left for the states to choose.
He also recognizes that any fix would only be brief because social security is not a long-term solution. John believes people need personal saving accounts with a choice to invest up to twenty % of payroll taxes into personal accounts. On the other side, Obama is against all attempts to privatize social security. He thinks it is too risky to have peoples's retirements hinge on the stock market. Obama would give working families a two thousand buck tax subsidy for their deposit account. He would like to build 45 nuclear power plants by 2030 ( On the issues ). John believes that global warming is a real issue and that nuclear power is the solution to it. John is also an advocate of offshore drilling and he voted no on reducing oil use by 40 p.c before 2025 ( On the difficulties ). He'd like to spend a hundred and fifty bn. from oil. the security of the country is vital to the safeness of every American. Barack Obama believes the Al Qaida is stronger now than it was in 2001 when it performed devastating terrorist attacks against the US. He suspects the military must be expanded and so colleges need to permit recruiters on campus. Obama believes the most important strategic issue is where to send the troops and the way to fund them. He also believes that no torture should ever be used. McCain was rated nil % by SANE signaling a professional military voting record. A social issue the 2 presidential applicants have differing opinions on is termination. Barack Obama believes it is acceptable to cancel partially born babies. Obama stated ,'We should trust girls on the decisions per partial birth.' He also believes it's satisfactory for children to cross state borders to have terminations. Barack was ranked one hundred p.c pro-choice by NARAL.
John isn't sufferable of terminations generally and thinks they should only be used after a rape. John sees adoption and foster care as decisions that are way more sensible for the lady.
in conclusion, many of those issues are crucial to the future of this country. The two presidential candidates share identical opinion on some issues, but have completely different views on others. Regardless of who wins the upcoming election, the president will have a major influence on the future.
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