Preserving your Greeting Cards

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Have you ever received a greeting card? How about a personalized greeting card? How does it feel? Do you feel special when you received it? Are you moved by the idea that someone spent some time and effort to make a personalized card for you? Does the idea of receiving a personalized greeting card inspired you to make one for someone yourself? Or does it simply encourage you to work on any arts and crafts project?

Indeed, the feeling is remarkably special when we receive greeting card from other people. We are very thankful and we would really want to keep these greeting cards for eternity. The best way that you could preserve your greeting card is through a scrapbook. Scrapbook making is one of the most popular arts and crafts project these days. Book stores and craft stores often have a dedicated section for all your scrapbook supplies and needs.

Collating the greeting cards that you received in a beautiful scrapbook is one of the easiest arts and crafts project. If you are testing the waters and you would want to find out if you would really enjoy making a scrapbook, then going for this kind of project is the best way to go. Creating a scrapbook that could hold all of the cards that you received does not require many materials. More often, it only requires your creativity and much love as you work on your scrapbook with all of your cards on it.

There are many ways by which you could include your greeting card on your scrapbook. You can actually leave the card intact, and put mounting squares on the back of the card and then attach it to the page. A typical 12x12 page can fit 3 or sometimes 4 cards. You can also decorate the remainder of the page for whatever occasion the cards came for.

Another way is to cut the card and attach only the design portion of the card onto paper in your scrapbook. You can frame the design and create a specific shape for your frame. You can also cut the frame to the same shape as your greeting card design.

Indeed, there are many ways by which you could create your greeting card filled scrapbook. You just have to put your imagination and creativity at work and you are good to go. You could finish collating all of your cards in one beautiful scrapbook in no time.

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