Preserve the memories and remains of a loved one in Cremation Urns

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Losing a loved one to death is heart rending. The loss is not just physical. It affects all family members emotionally too. The loss of a loved one due to an illness or an accident can be lessened in some way. Cremate and preserve the memories and ashes of the deceased in Cremation Urns.

The two major and largest religions in the world today are Christianity and Islam. Both religions have been burying their dead for the past 2000 years. Except in times of war and widespread illness and disease. At such times, burning and cremation instead of burial was resorted to, to dispose off the hundreds and thousands of dead bodies. Christianity and the Catholic Church have reluctantly accepted cremation as a way of disposing off a body. Cremation as a means of disposing off a body of a loved one has is not yet accepted in Islam. Many other older religions in the world like Hinduism prefer cremation to burial. Except in cases of very young children. Hindus do not believe in preserving the ashes of their loved ones after cremation. Hindus prefer to submerge the ashes in the ocean, river, or a lake. Christians have the option to preserve the ashes and memories of their loved ones in Cremation Urns.

Earthen Cremation Urns have been used for centuries in many countries like Greece. They have become more modern and are available in thousands of shapes, designs, sizes, colors, styles, and materials. It is terribly heart rending when you have to choose a proper Urn to preserve and store the last remains of a loved one. But selecting a good one is of utmost importance. It will be with you for a lifetime. It can later on be passed on to your family members as a keepsake. Depending on what your loved one liked or loved, you can select an Urn in a particular color or style. Or even use special Cremation Urns in the shape of a Football (if your loved one was a Football fanatic).

The Urns can have symbols like the Cross or some other design or symbol. You can even order a custom design. The biggest advantage of preserving the last remains of a loved one in special Cremation Urns is that you can be with them in spirit daily. Even though the body may not be there. Preserving the remains after cremation in an urn helps you remember the good times and cherish the memories of your loved one. Many people are aghast at the idea of cremation and preserving the remains of a loved one in an Urn. But fail to realize that it takes time for the sorrow and loss to mitigate and fade away. Till that time Cremation Urns are the anchor to which a person can bind to and turn to in distress.

Urns are not just a vessel to hold the remains of a loved one. They are the vessel that holds memories of good times and bad. Photos may fade away as do memories. But an Urn on the mantelpiece above a fireplace or a cozy nook in your library or office will always remind you of the loved one you lost. If you have lost a loved one recently but would like them to be with you always then Cremation is the answer. Selecting a suitable Cremation Urn and placing it where you are reminded of your loved one is the right thing to do.

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