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Iron Chef America is a series which has been adapted from a Japanese cooking show called ‘Iron Chef'. The original Japanese version of this series was premiered in October 10, 1993. This was a Fuji TV production in Japan. The Japanese version of this series ended on September 24, 1999 although occasional specials were aired up till 2002. The Japanese series ran for a good 300 episodes.

This series was picked up by Food Network in America and dubbed in English. Americans loved this program and Iron Chef became one of the most watched Japanese series dubbed in English in USA. The program is a culinary game show where in every episode a challenger chef battles with the resident Iron Chef in a timed cooking competition. It was not just cooking but cooking with specific theme ingredients and it had to be a multi course cuisine which needed to be prepared in one hour's time.

There were two one hour episodes of the American adapted version of the Iron chef aired around Christmas of 2001. This was a U.S UPN network presentation called the ‘Iron Chef USA'. This one turned out to be a failure more because the show was focused less on cooking and more on the other stuff. This show was hosted by William Shatner who walked around the kitchen sampling other stuff than focusing on the cooking and the chefs did not share what they were doing while the camera rarely showed the food preparation.

It was in 2004 that Iron Chef America a production of Food Network worked out to be successful. It was presented to the audience more as a successor of the original Iron chef instead of a remake. Unlike the original Japanese version the Iron Chef America show had a uniform which was much simpler. Hiroyuki Sakai and Masaharun Morimoto were invited to make an appearance in the inaugural Iron Chef America Battle of the Masters to show the legitimacy of the program.

The flow of the episode remained mostly as it originally was where the challengers were required to prepare a multi course meal in a 60 to 90 minute time limit. A theme ingredient was provided to the challengers and who ever used the theme ingredient at its best was honored. 2007 saw the title of The Next Iron Chef.

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