Preschool Franchise Business in India

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Do you know that the first 2000 days (0-6 years) of a child’s life are critical to brain development? At this stage, the brain pathways that receive, store, connect and transmit information are developing rapidly and with the right stimulation these pathways can become what has been labeled “super highways of learning’. How a child’s mind is stimulated in first 2000 days will determine her future ability to learn new skills and retain new information.

It is a scientifically proven fact that if at this stage the brain synopses are not connected and stimulated the brain begins a natural process of pruning the brain cells that are connected. The brain cells are less susceptible to pruning when these pathways are stimulated by a wide variety of creative inter-actions with engaging materials, activities and caring adults.

Ellen Booth Church, a leading preschool educationist from the US, is pitching this concept and stressing towards the importance of Brain-Based Learning in child’s life. Ellen says that brain-based approach to teaching provides meaningful, hands-on learning experience to children, through activities that engage both hemispheres of the brain and promote learning in the areas of language, mathematics, science, art, music and the environment. Brain-based methodologies optimize the growth spurt of child’s brain in the first 2000 days.

The parents are realizing the significance of building the foundations of their child by choosing an appropriate preschool that can provide such scientific and well researched teaching practices. The parents are well aware of the latest teaching methodologies and they no longer rely upon the neighborhood day care centers or play schools. They look out for the pre schools with a brand name and comfortable infrastructures for their child’s overall development. Teaching equipments, preschool supplies, scientific and age appropriate toys, creative ambience, and safety are also some of the significant areas which invite the concern of the parents. Besides this, qualified and well-trained faculty and other staff of the school is also of utmost importance.

Several preschool chains have already been established in recent years which offer these facilities. But still, the demand for the new trends in preschool education is on the rise like never before. Keeping in mind, all the above said points, Kinderpillar-Ivy League schools has come up with the American pattern of preschool education which lays emphasis on Brain Based learning and Multiple Intelligences. It opens the doors for developing a systematic approach in recognizing the individual needs and strengths within a classroom and tailoring the curriculum and age appropriate activities accordingly.

Kinderpillar also offers a Day Care facility, (part-time and full-time) which is an additional positive feature and a boon for the working parents. The parents can be worry-free at their work-place as their child is in the hands of qualified, trained and loving care-takers. The hygiene and safety of the child is the major concern at Kinderpillar Day Care center.

For running a preschool, there are few essential factors as follows-

• Teacher: child ratio should not be more than 1: 10
• Distance from school to home
• Various Teaching Methodologies adopted by the school
• Extensive and ongoing teacher-trainings
• Brand awareness
• Open outdoors
• Comfortable indoors
• Parent Involvement
• Regular Research and Development in curriculum
• Day Care facility
• Co-curricular activities

There is a huge demand for the Preschool Franchisee business in India. Parents are looking out consistently for renowned preschools to get the best early education to their children. The entrepreneurs entering into this segment now have better chances of success as the parents are more aware about parenting and also providing the best preschool experience to their children.

However, to start a Franchisee business, one needs to have required resources and space. The site selection plays an important role in this field. The franchise needs to keep in mind all the important aspects including investment, profit sharing and revenue models with the parent company. One major advantage of franchisee business is sharing of experience, knowledge, brand image, as well as technical expertise.

Kinderpillar - Ivy League offers a unique business model of preschools, which aims at providing the best and the most advanced early educational theories being used world wide by leading educationists. At Kinderpillar children are nurtured to become independent thinkers and problem solvers with a lifelong passion for learning and playing well.

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