Prerequisites of music promoters

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If the music promoters are not tied to a specific venue, they should: Liase with bands and agents to agree on a date for a performance; Negotiate a deal with the band/agent for the show - the fee to be paid and the accommodation provided by the promoter; Book a venue for that agreed upon date; Promote the upcoming gig to the local press and radio, put up posters and email their mailing list; Make sure everything the band needs is in place - backline, accommodation, rider, etc; Set up soundcheck times and the running order of the show; Arrange for a support band; Venue tied promoters skip the "contact venue" step.

When dealing with large sums of money, a contract is always a must. But many music promoters who know they won't be making much money, if any, on a gig often skip the contract. Even if no money is exchanging hands at the end of the night, though, it is still a good idea for a band and promoter to have a contract that clearly states things like whether or not the promoter will provide accommodation, who is taking care of the backline, when the soundcheck is, how long the band's set will be, what the band will get for a rider, and of course, how any profits will be split. It helps avoid confusion later.

There are two ways to get into promoting. Music promoters and venues in the area can be contacted and offered services and learn the ropes that way, or one can try to get promoting career off the ground self. In case of working for self, one should start with being small. A favorite local band ought to be picked and offered to promote a show for them. The venue should be booked, the local media ought to be contacted and some posters should be put up for advertising the show.

The pay for promoters varies and depends on several factors, including: The deal made with the band/agent; how popular the artists are with whom the promoter is working. Music promoters can find it very hard to make money, and many music promoters do promotion on the side of their "day jobs. Promoters make their money off of the proceeds generated by a show. Promoters can either have two kinds of deals with bands: Pay the band a set fee, no matter how many people buy tickets; a door split deal. With both deals, a promoter can easily lose money on a show. Making money as a promoter requires careful planning.

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