Preparing for Your Portrait Photography Shoot

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Having a great portrait photo can do wonders for your career and communications. If youíre looking to hold onto your family memories, family portrait photos can really help freeze time and share your memories with your loved ones.

Of course, this only works if you take a few simple steps to prepare for your photography shoot ahead of time. You donít have to go crazy with it, just follow these few tips to help make things move smoothly for your next photography shoot.

If youíre wearing makeup, try to favor slightly darker colors and tones. The flash lights can have a tendency to wash out the skin a bit.
Try to minimize how much skin is showing, especially for group portraits. Wear longer sleeves to cover bare arms, since the arm skin color can compete with the face and detract.

At my studio ( we have water, coffee, tea and light snacks available at all times, so do remember to keep hydrated. A few sips of water here and there is a good idea.

Donít forget to have a light meal before your shoot. The last thing you want are gumbling stomachs and hungry faces!

Bring a few changes of clothes. If youíre taking a group portrait photo then youíll have a chance to change things around if two of you happen to clash.

Be flexible! You might be asked to move a bit, crouch, frown, etc. Try out some new positions and poses. We might even try a few shots outside! Keep an open mind when taking photos.

Most important, HAVE FUN! A photograph is always better when the smiles are sincere!

Richard Dolmat is a professional photographer who specializes in portrait photography, acting headshots, fashion and product photograpy.

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