Pre-Paid Cell Phones for Bad Credit – Finding the Best Deals

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Finding the best deal for pre-paid cell phones with bad credit is the next process if you decide that you would rather use prepaid than to commit to a monthly payment. You may have realized that the money which you are supposed to pay for a cell phone contract would be well spent on other needs. With a post paid service, the carrier allows you to use their service awaiting your monthly bill just like a credit card. That is why pre-paid cell phones with bad credit are more cost-effective.

You will for sure save much on pre-paid cell phones with bad credit especially if you use a cell phone sparingly. If you know that you won't be able to use up the minutes even of the lowest available post-paid plan, then why bother getting a post-paid service. A prepaid phone will serve your purpose. A prepaid phone also fits your kids if you want to cut down on the family's phone bills. As long as you can contact them after school and on emergency, it's fine. A good thing about buying a prepaid cell phone when you have a blemish on your credit is they don't require credit check. And without looking into your credit, you can easily have pre-paid cell phones with bad credit.

Prepaid cell phones generally are more expensive than contract phones since you are buying the retail price of the phone in the market. This is also because with contract phones, the carrier easily recovers the payment of the handset from your monthly bills. If you lose your cell phone which is still under a contract, you will have to pay a hefty price for the replacement.

Choosing pre-paid cell phones with bad credit does not lock you with your service provider unlike in postpaid where you have to stay with them for up to two years.

So where can you look for the best deal for pre-paid cell phones with bad credit? Check out the websites of major carriers. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Alltel and Great Cell for instance, offer prepaid plans with various models of different cell phone brands. You need to consider which among these works in your area. Most prepaid cell phone plans have a 15-30 day warranty period so that in case your phone doesn't function nicely, you can ask for a refund.

Different carriers do partner with different cell phone manufacturers so check out what is offered by each of them as pre-paid cell phones with bad credit. Check-out Wal-Mart, Net10 Cellular, Freedom, Great Cell and other brands. You can buy any brand and use the carrier of your choice. That is the beauty of having prepaid cell phones. Buyers who are after pre-paid cell phones with bad credit may be on a tight budget, and so would be satisfied with the lower-end models. There are cell phones which are budget-savvy and may even be initially loaded with an airtime balance. If your credit score is below the ideal and you want to save on your monthly phone bills, you should opt for pre-paid cell phones with bad credit.

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