Premature Aging No More - Fight Your Wrinkles

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Premature Aging No More - Fight Your Wrinkles

Skin ages as you age

We often equate good skin to attractiveness, which is why we do not hesitate to spend money and time to care for our skin, trying to protect it from all possible elements of damage. However, regardless of the amount of skincare products that we apply onto our skin, our skin does age with time, this process is part of Mother Nature’s work and is unavoidable.

Being the human’s largest organ, the skin has a tendency to reflect aging signs much more dramatically than the rest of our body, causing us to feel apprehensive about our “aging” appearances. Thankfully, with advancements in skincare technology, products that promise to produce anti-aging miracles on the skin are created.
But, take note! Having those bottles of anti-aging products in your cupboard is not sufficient. There are many other factors, ranging from diet to living habits, which contribute to aging skin. To see positive results in minimizing the “impact” of aging, we have to work out a disciplined and holistic daily regimen.

Prevention is better than cure

As the old saying goes – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is the golden rule in skincare.
Things you do not do right in your younger years with your skin often end up costing you a lot of anxiety, efforts, pain, and money later on in life as you age. The most obvious tell-tale sign of skin negligence is the appearance of fine lines commonly known as wrinkles.

True, wrinkles can be a sign of wisdom and maturity, they show that you have reached a certain level in life where you can carry the wrinkles gracefully and still look attractive. But what if you are having premature wrinkles? Instead of looking wise, you may look as if you are carrying years of “baggage” on your face. Definitely not a very appealing vision, isn’t it?

Following are some measures that you can carry out to reduce the formation of premature wrinkles:

1. Sunscreen is the basic MUST-HAVE.

A sunscreen of at least SPF15 must be included in your daily regimen, rain or shine, summer or winter. Clouds cannot block UV rays, so do not think that you are safe from sunburn on a cloudy day. It is important to remember that regardless of the SPF, some UV rays will still reach your skin, and hence no sunscreen lasts all day. To minimize the loss of collagen and elastin proteins, the basic rule is to reapply sunscreen regularly every 2 hours. In the long run, this will help to keep your skin firmer and suppler.

2. Sleeping on your back. ¬

Strange as it sounds, sleeping positions do affect the skin. Sleeping on your side or with your face pressed against the pillow can cause "sleep lines" that, over the years, develop into wrinkles. It may be a hard habit to break, but if you can train yourself to sleep on your back, you can actually end up with fewer facial lines.

3. No smoking, please.

Studies have shown that heavy smokers are almost 5 times more likely to show skin wrinkles than non-smokers. Smoking speeds up wrinkling as it damages the collagen that is present under the skin. Squinting from smoke irritation can also cause or worsen crow’s feet, and pursing the lips to puff on a cigarette can contribute to vertical lines around the mouth. Moreover, with each cigarette puff, you are presenting your body with hazardous “inputs” that damage your entire inner well-being, so if you are not having a healthy body system, it is no wonder that the look of your skin is going to be negatively affected. Healthy body translates into healthy skin, simple as that!

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Using a moisturizer can temporarily improve the appearance of wrinkles by plumping up your skin, but do note that it does not have a long-lasting effect. Moisturizers work by locking in moisture on the surface of the skin. The optimal way to use a moisturizer is to apply it to damp skin and gently “tapping” the moisturizer into your skin using your finger tips. This produces a light massaging effect on the skin that helps to improve blood circulation, hence improving the elasticity of the skin. Do note that a very large percentage of moisturizers out in the market contain sunscreen, so if you opt for one of these moisturizers, you will get double the benefits, moisturizing and protection at the same time.

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