Pregnant womenís smile is the best antenatal training

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Smile is a kind of fetus education method

Pregnant women cheerful mood can make cerebral cortex excited, blood pressure and pulse respiratory, digestive secretion of pregnant women all are in mutual smooth and coordination state, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health, improve the placenta pregnant for blood, promote stomach fetal health and development. Therefore, smile you give to your he is also a kind of antenatal training

The former three months of pregnant, it is the key period for forming of the fetusí each organ, such as pregnant women long-term mood swings, it may cause fetal abnormalities. So, during pregnancy period, pregnant women should be every day happy, do not save your smile. Although fetus canít see expectant mother smiling expression, they can feel the motherís moods. Pregnant women mood is low, eat some nuts can rise to adjust mood, prevent depression, such as walnut, peanut. Nuts in the food not only contain protein and amino acids, but also contain vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, etc. Therefore both for pregnant women, or the fetus, nuts are beneficial to the brain

Expectant fathers also can undertake antenatal training through smile

During women pregnant period, not only expectant mother always smile, expectant fathers will often smile, because expectant fathersí emotions often affects expectant mothersí mood. If Mom is happy, this kind of good state of mind will be passed to the fetus, let the fetus happy. Fetal receives the good effect, can in physiological and psychological aspects develop healthily.

Warm reminder: pregnant women should avoid by all means great anger, more do not make a mantra fight. During the first over one monthís Pregnant, if she is severe stimulated by frightening, fear, grief and indignation, or other causes of mental strain, can cause miscarriage etc adverse reactions. In couplesí harmony, family atmosphereís harmony, the circumstances of good mindset, the fertilized egg will "safely and comfortable" in the womb, he will be grow up more healthily and intelligently.

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