Pregnancy – In Vitro Fertilisation - Scans And Blood Tests – Part III

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If the pattern of your blood tests and scans seems to indicate that there are not enough eggs, or they are not mature, then your drug dosage may be increased, or you may have to continue with the injections for longer. Most clinics have criteria for proceeding to the next stage of treatment. Although these vary according to the individual woman, it is likely that they will look for a minimum of about five follicles, with the largest being over 18 or 20 mm, and with an oestrogen level of at least 3000 pg/ml. It is worth checking the details with your clinic.

It is possible for cycles to be cancelled at this - and any other - stage, if it is judged unlikely that there are enough eggs to justify both the trauma and expense of going ahead with collec¬tion. Whilst it is incredibly disappointing to have a treatment cycle cancelled or abandoned, it is sometimes the only, let alone the best, option. Mrs. Sheila Walker of the University of Wales Hospital explains: 'No matter how many times you tell women that treatment must be cancelled, they do not like it - even if they are hyperstimulating and their health and even life may be at risk. Anyone who allows a woman to continue treatment at such a time is being irresponsible. One of the problems of treatment is that patients are prepared to take any or all risks -and that is bad medicine. Infertility doctors should not merely be technicians facilitating women's treatment. There is a risk that if we cancel treatment there will be an unsatisfied customer who may then simply go somewhere else."

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