Predictions 2012 -The End of The World is Coming

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Given that a movie which reveals what may or might not happen on the said doomsday has been released recently, lots of people will not take the ends of Earth seriously thinking that this Prediction in 2012 might not appear to be sensible. If ever the predicted end of time will come, this was merely a glimpse of what could possibly happen.. Some may claim that this could be true or not at all.

There are plenty of things that one should consider when believing such predictions, first whether it is insured by science, second is if they do see it coming. Conversely, nobody doesn't would like to be caught unconscious of what may really happen just in case, but what do you think may have made people believe that the end is coming? Perhaps, asking the exact same query to yourself which others are also asking themselves now, where did almost all these predictions came from.

You would have come across learning more about ancient civilization if you were a historian. And Mayan civilization whom devoted most of their time studying about astronomy and even math and art was one of the famous civilizations which you'll have encountered. This is what made them have a very accurate calendar from then on. It's even more accurate than the calendar that we use nowadays. From here Mayans were in a position to calculate the feasible date where the end would come, and that is on the 21st of December 2012.

Many have thought that what the Mayan's have discovered helped people to go to the right direction. Many of those who were considered as Oracles at the old times were able to adopt to the same belief that there will be the end of days side from they have discovered, and we are probably getting closer to it.. Even in the Christian bible, the book of revelation states that the end of days is what we have to be prepared for.

If you were to be asked, will you think what you hear or read about the predictions for 2012? If ever this can happen, are you ready or what preparations do you have in mind. Probably this may not be a simple thing for you to comprehend, but out of curiosity, you must try to spend time to reflect on this.

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