Precious Movie Review

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"Precious" is a harrowing and sometimes difficult to watch. It can be considered as unrelenting tale of misery. A movie, that is on the edge of pushing audiences into utter depression.
Precious (Gabourey Sidibe) is a young girl of 16 years of age in 1987 Harlem, who is pregnant the second time unfortunately by her father. She's unpopular, companionless, fairly overweight and illiterate. Mary (Mo'Nique), her mother, is always furious who usually screams at her and often beats her and tries to drop her out of school.
When Precious is pushed out of school due to her pregnancy, she went to special-need-school for troubled young adults and teens with the help of her principal. At this place, Precious and her classmates (who were also illiterate) are given true love by Ms. Rain (Paula Patton), their teacher, a new beginning of life and a final chance to be educated.
The story in not a kind of feel-good of recovery and students improved. However, there's not any inspiring "Stand and Deliver" finale in the works for Precious. School is a chaos place for her, and she has reached the ninth grade with the real fact that she cannot read or write properly. Precious may be down sometimes, but she is never out.

This may be the visible drawback with "Precious." After gluing for two hours of ugliness and hate rarely seen on the screen, the audiences are left with somewhat an ambiguous, ethereal redemption hope. It can be considered as an urban adaptation of Darren Aronofsky's piece on addiction, "Requiem for a Dream": The bold effort without taking care of audience's cringing, Lee Daniels the innovative director daringly and sometimes angrily moved ahead to expose the bitterness of inner city life.
In carving his classic, Mr. Daniels managed to pull career-best performances from almost every member of the cast. A new face Miss Sidibe plays Precious with an excellent portray of stone-faced hatred for the world with desire to improve her bad situation.
Like Miss Sidibe, Mo'Nique performed equally well. Her part as Precious' mother is very disturbing as well as devastating. Especially the film's climax, especially when clarifies just why she had to allow the continuous abuse of her daughter. The scene is very powerful and can win her the Academy Awards next March.

Another worth mentioning performance is of Mariah Carey. She played a role of social worker trying to figure out the core problem of Precious. She can be seen without makeup in probably J.C. Penny's clothes. Miss Carey was really looking different during her excellent portrayal. This can be considered as a second chance after heap of not so career oriented roles.


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