Precautions To Take When Cutting Carbon Fiber

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Carbon Fiber has become an eponymous metal in this age of modern technology and advancement. The significant properties displayed speak volumes compared to its compound. No wonder, there are a growing number of people who trust this material when applying to their chosen fields. As the popularity of this new breed of super-strength metal soars even higher, the more other consumers would like to try their luck in do-it-yourself materials made of carbon fibers.

This article will give you simple instructions on how to cut carbon fibers in the safest ways possible. It is wise to note that what you cut for proper application is not just simply a piece of paper. We are dealing with a kind of metal that has the strength more superb than steel and aluminum. Hence, proper precautions are necessary to avoid causing any personal injuries. Rule of the thumb conveys that the less the skin is exposed into the process of cutting, the safer you would be. Thus, it is imperative for one to wear eye protection at all times when cutting, along with long sleeves, gloves and mask.

Another danger that may be brought about by personally cutting this substance is the effect of the dust when inhaled. Remember that it is made of tiny, long strands of carbon fibers. When involuntarily inhaled, these dust particles are like small flakes falling like snow and cover the lungs until it gets heavy. As a chain reaction, it may lead to several lung complications. Thus, as cliché as it sounds, but one can not ignore the saying that prevention is better than cure. It is definitely a wise decision to always cover your face and body when in the process of cutting this exquisite material.

The materials needed for cutting depends largely on the thickness of the substance to be cut. For example, a sharp and good pair of scissors can be used for the materials with thickness of only around 0.020 and below. The thicker the material is, the more sophisticated the cutting tool should be used. Tin-snips is also a better option since it is handier to use and has better cutting edge due to its wider jaws. Probably one of the best tools to use is hacksaw.

For a smoother cut, it is best to follow the old school way. Forget the fast-cutting style as it has more disadvantages than advantages. Other than cutting the material faster, it just makes the material more disheveled with rough edges, not to mention the bad odor it produce when the fiber burns. Also, accuracy is always a problem involved fro fast-cutting. Instead, go with the slow but sure cutting style. Before cutting, it is highly recommended to cover the material with masking tape. This way, the smooth glossy finish is protected from possible scratches.

When you learn to do the correct way of cutting carbon fibers yourself, you can be sure to have your confidence right at your pocket. This way, you not only get the material – you also get the skills and the edge to make the product more worthy than ever!

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