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To lose pounds from your frame, nutrition is the first thing that comes to mind. I will not bore you with the usual talk of counting carbohydrates or calories. These methods however effective are time consuming. A better way to be conscious of what you’re eating is to remember if food is "alive" it is good for you, and if food is highly processed, then likely it contains little goodness.

While it may be difficult to "eat right" it is not impossible even in today’s fast paced world. I never deprive myself of food especially when hungry. To do so will likely send some sub-conscious programming relating to "lack" and therefore the body will store what it is lacking. I also would not binge on just one item even if it is good for you. Sure you could grow tired of eating the same thing over and over and that in its self may curb your appetite however life is supposed to be enjoyed, so why not get a variety.

Hydration is a major key in weight loss. Water in the correct amount at the right times will curb appetite to a degree, and assist your body in proper elimination. When dehydrated the body moves waste material from the body very slowly. Slow elimination can lead to a variety of health issues. I need not detail those issues at this time.

A good formula for water intake is: 1/2 ounce of water daily for each pound of body weight. If you weigh 160 pounds then 80 ounces daily is necessary to remain hydrated. Even more water is necessary when you are working out, or if you consume soft drinks and coffee. You must replace ounce per ounce water for sugared or caffeinated beverages.
It has been said that drinking ice cold water causes the body to create heat i.e. burn calories to process it. Your own judgment is required for that last statement. Water types best suited for your health include spring water, energized water, and water with h2o2 added.

H2o2 is hydrogen peroxide. You can find it in health food stores in food grade. Follow instructions and only use FOOD GRADE in 3% Strength! Always consult your health care professional prior to introducing any new element to your intake! To get a detailed explanation of H2o2, do a web search. You will be amazed at the amount of information available. H2o2 enters the blood very quickly. You can without knowing it get results instantly. H2o2 allows the water to enter the cells and push toxins out. That benefit is obvious. H2o2 is also one of the few known elements that permeates the blood brain barrier; bringing more oxygen to the cells.

A good frame of mind is necessary element of successful weight loss. You have to learn how to police your thoughts. Easily said; the more effort you apply in that direction the more easily you will achieve your goals. When you have a negative thought your sub-conscious mind is telling you that you’re not in alignment with what you really want. Let unchecked, that can lead to psychological reversal. That will mean that no matter how hard you try, the pounds just don’t come off. This can be reversed with the use of positive visualization techniques.
One of the best methods known, which is becoming very popular today is hypnosis. This treatment to assist in weight loss is popular for a reason, it works! Many people resist this method because well it seems just plain weird. However weird it may seem, the mechanics are really very simple. You can be hypnotized and remain conscious. Your brain in that state is usually operating in the “alpha state.” In alpha the mind is focused one thing or nothing at all. This creates a more direct link into the sub-conscious mind. As scientist and I agree, the sub-conscious or un-conscious mind controls our bodies function 90% of the time even in the awakened state. Doesn’t it make sense that we should program the unconscious mind for weight loss?

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