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As the last victim of the worst mining disaster in US Coal history since 1970, questions are beginning to arise as to the legal consequences of this event. The last body of the mine disaster in Charleston, West Virginia was removed from the mine on Tuesday, April 13, 2010. Will the company that owned this mining outfit be held responsible for the unfortunate deaths of 29 miners? Will there be justice for these hard working miners and their grieving families? Will the families of the departed miners have the opportunities to wrongful death claims against whoever is responsible? These are all questions that have yet to be answered as this huge disaster is slowly unfolding before us. Long anticipated answers to our questions are slowly emerging in this horrendous nightmare.

New details have emerged that have noted that the mining company that owned the mine, Massey Energy Company of Richmond, Virginia, has been reportedly fined for $382,000 in the last year. These fines were for safety violations which included violations for proper safety of the ventilation systems. This was apparent that the systems in place were not adequate enough to vent the dangerous methane out of the mine, which could have led to a build-up of combustible gas. Accusations against the company have suggested that the company placed profit before safety. If these claims are true, how will this affect the company? Will this major disaster have an impact on the future of coal mining and lead to improved safety provisions? It is still too early to know who or what is responsible for this disaster or was this just another destructive accident caused by nature. But, through this perhaps new measures will be taken to prevent such a disaster from occurring again.

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