Posters and more for the child room to render innocence in him

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The household of earlier times used to be comprised of the grandparents, the uncles and aunts, the cousins and of course the brothers and sisters and the parents. Even distant relations used to visit the family every now and then. There used to be sufficiently large yards to play and enjoy the afternoons and the school holidays. There used to be lot of fun in sharing little secrets with cousins. But secrets were not the only thing you shared. You also found great joy in sharing your room space, your favorite food like an ice cream or a chocolate bar with your sister and cousin.

Some of your cousins and siblings might have been timid while some mischievous and adventurous. When you were little older you used to go for fishing or spending considerable time in some orchard tasting delicious fruits of your choice. You went to take bath in the river or set out to conquer nearby hillock.

As you look back in leisure time, you realize that how simple and uncomplicated those childhood days were. You also realize that those interactions with nature and family members created the foundation of human values like compassion, sharing and forgiveness in you.

Now that you are a parent, wouldn’t you love to see your child in similar kind of atmosphere? Surely you’ll do but then you live in a US state while your parents live in a far off land or some different US state. Your child never gets to interact much with his grandparents. Cousins are also in far off land and he barely knows their names.

The lives of today’s children revolve round their academics, few sports and cultural activities and lots of TV viewing and playing computer games. Children of this age are exposed to so many types of information so early in their lives through the net and TV; that is mindboggling. A seven or eight year old will watch super hero fighting with the aliens and saving the earth. Modern, out of world the weapons are used, super powers are in action. You child wants some of the toy weapons when he visits hyper malls with you. Fighting and war and killing monsters and aliens are always in their mind. Such posters and stickers are everywhere from the walls of his rooms to the book covers. Sometimes you feel awed by their level of knowledge, sometimes you regret that their innocence is lost somewhere in these rustle.

However, you are the best person to guide them in learning to separate the good from the bad and adopt the right things. There is a great web portal where the kid’s world opens up in a new way. Carla Daly website has very simply illustrated kids wall art and nursery art that is sure to appeal to your child. You’ll find a good collection of extremely skillfully created animal and alphabet nursery art. If you have always worried about the growth of your child, now simply put up a wall growth chart in his room. The tall necked giraffe in the chart will definitely inspire your child to have his food on time.

What one finds striking is that these posters and kids arts are tastefully done and the simplicity of their representation is highly appealing. These are quite affordable and you can avail of the ongoing 15% discount as well. Bring back the innocence in your kid’s life and it will only make him better human being in the future.

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