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Dynamic online portal provides unique stage for item photo sharing and finding individuals with common hobbies.

August 11, 2015 – PoseCheese (PoseCheese.com) has become the world’s first “customer action shots” sharing platform, providing a unique stage for item photo sharing as well as a connection point for finding people with common hobbies.

With other platforms such as Flicker, Facebook and Instagram offering an avenue for sharing photos,PoseCheese takes it a step further by allowing users to view images of others in the same dress, in front of the same internationally recognized monuments, holding the same items they may be interested in and more.

“The difference between our website and other online photo album portals is that PoseCheese only allows users to post photos related to only one item – each time,” says a PoseCheese company spokesperson. “One post can only include photos of an item, and users aren’t permitted to post ‘item A’ and then ‘item B’ at the same time; further, users can easily locate other photos pertaining to ‘item A’ while letting different users know that they also have or want this item.

“Additionally, when users release enough photos of items on our site, they can easily find people who share common hobbies with them – whether it’s basketball, NASCAR, NFL or fishing, a sports fanatic, for example, can easily figure out who also enjoys basketball, NASCAR, NFL and fishing.”

According to PoseCheese representatives, using the website is intuitively easy – all users must do is take one item they own, prepare their camera, strike a pose and say “cheese” while producing a beautiful photo. Pictures can then be uploaded to www.PoseCheese.com, followed by filling out item information, and the process is complete.

Additionally, PoseCheese boasts a Want Collection feature wherein users can “collect” items they’re interested in and also add item labels on their own homepage, allowing goods to “classify easier.” From there, users can click “own” to be connected with others and their shared items, while also being able to leave a buying address – in the style of aneBay auction address – should they wish to sell released items.

More information about the PoseCheese process can be obtained by visiting www.PoseCheese.com or emailing support@PoseCheese.com.

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