Portrait Painting hobby with value

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Lots of people like to have painted portraits of their photos. Some get it done from other (experts) while some do it themselves.

A family portrait for example, is a representation of the bonding between the members of the family and is more meaningful than the ordinary photograph. This does not remain just a picture of past memories, since the portrait painting can be preserved through generations and becomes an antique masterpiece.

This is really appreciated for its elegance and beauty as this form of art captures everyone's eyes. There are lots of other reasons why portrait painting is a good investment as a hobby (spending time and effort) and as cherishing old memories of togetherness (family, friends, occasions, belongings, relationships, and a lot more that gives meaning to a human life.
Method and training
Portrait painting is a fun hobby as well, that can be tough to learn if one does not have proper direction in training. There are not too many guides available online, and offline that can teach portrait painting step by step.

Portrait painting takes time, practice and most importantly the correct techniques, which is usually done in layers. The use of painting materials, like oil, acrylic or watercolor does not matter in terms of the techniques used in making a portrait. Below are some of the techniques that are important and common to all types of portrait paintings:
1. Accurately sketching a drawing at first. For sketching face alignment of features if most important. Getting a persons features even a fraction off, will distort a portrait and its likeness. And this process should actually take a considerable amount of time and effort.
2. Applying paint in layers. Starting with the skin color to the portrait (underpainting - a light version of the skin tone). Following layers should be the varying colors and tones. Note - do not get tempted to give up too soon.
Don't get frustrated if your first few portraits aren't what you expected. You will more than likely need to practice and practice. Have fun and enjoy learning to paint.

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