Portion Sizes The Easy Way

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Unfortunately many of us are in the custom of heaping up the plate at meal times, and if we were brought up with

the notion that we must consume everything perhaps with a reminder of people less fortunate who would be thankful

for everything we throw away; it's not hard to perceive how the pounds creep on.
If we choose to lose weight learning how to control the size of the portions is essential so we need to make it as

straightforward as possible. Nobody wants to use up all their time weighing and measuring the food as we set it on

the plate so what I present for you now are straightforward guidelines that might help make things easier.
1. A portion of meat ought to be roughly 4oz or to think of it a different way just about the size of a deck

of cards.
2. A portion of fish is more or less the same size as a cheque book.
3. A portion cheese of is equal to four cubes the same size as dice that you use for a board game or to look

at a different way the size of a small match box.

4. A portion of rice is two decent tablespoonfuls or a heaped mound that covers the palm of your hand.
5. A portion of potato is approximately the size of a computer mouse.
6. A portion of bread is equal to a single large slice.
7. A portion of cereal is around the size of a tennis ball.
8. A portion of vegetables is a heaped mound to cover the palm of your hand while salad leaves can be a small

cereal bowl full.
9. Portions of fruit vary. A single medium sized banana, apple, pear or orange for instance. Two handfuls of

berries or a single handful of grapes. Two plums or apricots or a small handful of dried fruit. A tumbler of fruit

juice is a portion but can just count as one of your 5 a day since the fibre is removed.
Some foods which we eat as a treat now and then don't actually have a portion size as such; we really need to be

reasonable. Should we develop the urge for a pizza then simply make it a small one or only a slice or two of a

bigger one, but ask for half the amount of cheese and a slim crust and if you can, make it vegetarian. Should you

want crisps occasionally then only take a handful away and leave the surplus in the bag.
When dishing up the evening meal try filling half the plate at least with vegetables prior to serving the meat,

poultry or fish. Leaving a break between every item so they are not touching is one way of not overfilling the

Should we discover that even after giving our stomachs a few minutes to register everything we've eaten we still

feel hungry we could need to adjust the portions a little and reduce them in stages. It won't take long to develop

fresh habits.
Good luck with the portion resizing and benefit from the results.

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