Popular Animal Themes for Parties, Decorating, and Designs

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There is something compelling about animal prints and designs. It brings out the wild side of human nature. A woman in a leopard print dress sends a message about who she is and what she is capable of. A man in a leather jacket gives off a kind of raw power. Animal prints evoke emotions and can be used in parties, for decorating, and for design. Here's how.

Choose an element
When using jungle prints or other animal-inspired themes when designing a room or space, it is important to use the "less is more" principle. Don't do the whole room in zebra black and white or in cheetah spots. The effect would be too hard on the eyes, and you would quickly grow to regret your decision. When decorating, choose one strong conversation piece as a starter and let the room grow from there. You can start with the walls. Give the room a buff base color and let those cheetah spots dot the corners in a border. Get some lampshades in zebra print and let the rest of the room reflect the print in carefully chosen white and black accents. When using animal prints, try not to mix them. It would take a very careful designer to be able to place zebra, leopard, and tiger prints in the same room. If you are partial to all of these designs, try decorating each room in your house with a different animal theme to lessen the impact and contrast of the themes.

Go for quality
When choosing elements for a room, it is important to choose with quality in mind, but it is also important to stay away from using actual fur or animal parts. Regardless of your beliefs regarding fur, exotic animals are often endangered or illegally poached. The furs you might lay your hands on for decorating purposes are probably tainted with quite a bit of underhanded dealings. It is best to go for quality facsimiles. Instead of trying to decorate with fur, try and find your prints in sumptuous and luxurious fabrics. Find silks, brushed cottons, and velvety fabrics. Use color to your advantage. Fake animal prints aren't limited by nature's design and often come in any color you can imagine. Use your imagination and your decorating will benefit.

Go all out
When planning an animal-themed party, almost all the rules go out the window. Crowd the room with every gaudy animal print you can imagine. Especially if it is a child's party, use animal prints on everything from the cake to the party favors. Parties give people a chance to let out their wild side. What better way to celebrate that than with a profusion of animal prints? Let your wild side out to play when designing your next party by littering it with animal prints. You can go mod with a black and white party with tasteful zebra print accents. You can get dangerous with a big cat theme. You could even use a theme of snakes, wolves, or dinosaurs. Theme parties, even animal themed ones, aren't just for kids. If you use your imagination and allow yourself to have fun, you'll be amazed to find how much you can enjoy planning and hosting an animal-themed party.

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