Pop Art Wall Painting

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Artwork for sale that is most sought by stores to serve as decoration to their shop is usually pop art paintings. Most of the subjects in this art pieces are used to match the kind of business in operation. These art pieces are not just set on the wall to serve as an ornate to the shop but anyone can easily identify its relation to the store.

Famous figures in the field of pop art wall paintings are Roy Lichteinstein, David Hockney, and Andy Warhol. These artworks for sale which represent the popular arts that people see on television can be caricatures or sketch of public figures- be it political or showbiz personalities. Advertisements that we see in magazines can be translated to pop arts, too. However, the most apt to decorate boy’s room is pop art wall paintings of comic strips. Usually, these are painted in bright colors where subjects are vivid and easily recognizable unlike cubism painting which objects are made up of geometric shapes or abstracts painting that are just brush strokes of usually different colors. Figures of pop art might not look deep in expression like that of other kinds of artwork for sale because

viewing the art piece per se does not usually entail much interpretation. They are but merely copies of everyday objects and subjects we see around.

Artwork for sale like that of pop art is the most saleable among businesses. We see this kind of art pieces in dining restaurants. We see paintings hanging on the wall which are evenly scattered in the room to make the customers more excited to dine. An example of pop art wall painting that is an exact copy from advertisement is Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s tomato juice box that is displayed in Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The object painted looks so real that if you would see it hanging on a wooden wall which is similar to the painted wood background of the frame, you might mistake it for a real Campbell’s box misplaced on the wall. Another masterpiece of Andy Warhol is another Campbell’s items which are the soup cans. They again look so real like the ones captured with Camera.

However, some can be extra simple like American flag wall painting created by Jasper Johns and other wall paintings that tell simply the viewer of what is normally seen every day. Artwork for sale of this kind is an alternative or better yet to say more artistic alternative to photo shoot where what is captured is not a product of imagination but real objects and subjects seen in the surrounding. The artist does not need to dream or fantasize to come up with a subject. He just has to paint whatever his eyes see.

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