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What is your first move before hitting to any store once you decide to buy a new eBook reader? If it was some fifty years back then I think you would have probably asked your friends around who have bought the same. Today it is easier than before to look for the pros and cons of any product before you pay for it. There are various mediums like ads, promotional mails, events which inform buyers about the specifications of a product but a buyer believes in checking the reviews of product before trusting any brand. This is what you all do before buying some new gadget which is precisely a must for all.

Since the market is flooded with various brands reviews help people know about the execution of a product. You go through magazines, read the comments of experts and check out on internet and so on. Does it all which can actually help you get what you look for? No, not always, because reviews are also subjected to personalization of thoughts. So you need to analyze the facts within any report before you go with that. Here are few points on which you should assess any eBook reader review:

1. Source: Always look for an authentic source regardless of what you personally trust on. Usually the reviews published on some social networking site or by an unknown publisher are vague. Sometime they just mean to crop a good or bad story about the reader.

2. Functions: There are many functions one can look for in a review like downloading speed, battery, storage capacity, cost etc. You need to set your priorities out of all you come across. There are few additional functions which enable smooth reading like

a). Voice guide: Allows customers to navigate without having to read menu options.
b). Read-to-me: Reads out the text for user.
c). Built in Dictionary: with instant look-up.
d). Web Kit-Based Browser: to provide a better web browsing experience.
e). Screen size: to ease the reading (small for books and large for newspapers).

3. Check 3 to 4 reviews: Checking the facts once is not enough. You must go through at least 3-4 eBook reviews before deciding on your choice to buy. It helps in filtering the true information about the product.

4. Latest: Check out the latest reviews of any eBook reader. Sometimes a few essential points get overhyped concealing the facts which are more important to you because it takes time for readers to be discussed in detail as soon as the device lands in the market.

5. Specifications: Trust those reviews which provide you with product specifications and then match them with that product’s official website to ensure their presence.

6. Leading brands: One must be aware of the leading brands of eBook reader (Amazon and Sony) in the market in order to buy one.

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