Plush Hamster - Toy and Pet all in 1

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Does your son/daughter wish to have a pet but you don't have the enough time for it? Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters to the rescue. These lovely toys are famous among kids because these are the world's 1st inter-active deluxe toy hamsters. When you're a kid you maybe owned a hamster.

Do you remember the fuss? Cleaning out the cage? Forgetting to give food to him or her? Or biting you because you hadn't petted your hamster for a few months? All that could be prevented with Zhu Zhu Hamsters. These toys are inter-active so they react to your son/daughter who would simply love their playfulness.

These lovable stuffed little guys/girls are the great presents for kids who are not allowed to get real live creatures. They're also for children who are very young to have their own real live pets. Actual hamsters could be less expensive than Zhu Zhu Hamster however by giving your son/daughter his or her own inter-active toy plush pet, he or she will learn reliability at an early age and you will have granted the wish for a pet.

Not only do these deluxe pets intermingle w/ kids but they as well interact with the things that are located in their Funhouse. Take for example, the Zhu Zhu mobile. The hairy rodents run using it. They even create talking noises. When they're in the toilet, they produce toilet flushing sounds.

These Pets function on affectionate mode. They let their masters pet them, care for them, and discipline them also. They also talk and squeak back. One mode for the cuddly stuffed toys is the explore mode. They scamper, boogie, and bump plus scoot across the floor to be familiar with their Hamster Habitat.

And there is not just one Zhu Zhu hamster, there are 4. Pipsqueek is cuddly gold guy or girl with a white swirl on his/her back. Mr. Squiggles is light brown with a lighter brown swirl. Chuck is white and Num Num is gray. These creatures could be bought individually or in a double pack of 2.

There're transport cases, four different colors of beds and blankies, an adventure ball the pets can play inside, a vehicle, a wheel just like live hamsters.

This toy is only for 4 years old and over. But you must still remember that the Hamster Pets code reader should be handled with care. They function really great on solid and hard surfaces. They are not familiar w/ mat so they may not work.

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