Plenty of choice in Italian food

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Italy is a great country that we all know for its culture and history, but even more for its amazing food and delicious wines.
With pizzas and pastas among the type of food probably the most eaten in the world, there is plenty of other dishes and Italian delicatessen to discover. Like in most countries, you will find particular types of food depending on the region of Italy.

An Italian meal would probably be not perfect if it was not enjoyed with some great Italian wine.
We will not talk about Pinot Grigio here. According to a lot of Italian, Pinot Grigio is not the best wine, and Italy has much better to offer. With grapes and styles varying a lot between the South and the North, Italian wines offer a very wide choice. And for those who are crazy about bubbles, Italy offers various sparkling wines and the famous Prosecco. Basically, you can find a type of wine for every type of food from the appetizers to the dessert.

Speaking of desserts, we all know about the tiramisu which is surely one of the most well known Italian desserts. But this desert originating from Treviso is not the only desert you can find in Italy. Panettone is also another well known desert but this one is usually eaten around Easter or Christmas.

It would take too long to make a list of all the existing Italian desserts, but there is enough choice to please everybody, whether you like ice cream, apples made desserts or chocolate made desserts.

The best way to end an Italian meal is with an Italian style coffee. The espresso is very popular around the world and even more in its country of origin, Italy.

There is so much good food and so many different recipes in Italian cuisine that it would really be a shame to only stop to pizzas, pasta and tiramisu. It is true that those dishes are delicious, but there are so many other recipes and dishes to be discovered.

As Italian food is so popular in the United Kingdom, we have seen plenty of specialized shops opening over the past ten or twenty years and a lot of these shops now have Italian food shop websites with Italian food delivery options. Food gifts and food hampers have become very popular and are surely one type of gift that will please a lot of people throughout the year.

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