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The idea of online avatars and social networking has really caught on with the advent of virtual worker such as Second Life. Seeing their popularity, Sony wanted in on it and created PlayStation Home - a virtual world that jets PlayStation Network users create personalised avatar, have their own apartment (called Personal Space), meet other players etc.
The user can create their own avatar or use one of several preset avatar available in home. Users can access the Wardrobe from the menu pad at any time and location except when in another uses's personal apartment. They may customsise a variety of the character's features including Gender, Skin tone, hair, body shape and facial structure.
The avatar's clothing and accessories can also be customised using a set of similar items, bought from one of the clothing shops in Home's shopping complex, or won items from Home's mini games or PlayStation 3 games that support home rewards. The user has the ability to save up to nine versions of their avatar for quick access at any time.

Why this thing sumer -
linux YellowDos - for techies, the most interesting feature of PlayStation 3 was the fact that it ran on the open source Linux Operating System. And what more, Sony executives encouraged developers to build Linux distros dos the product!
TerraSoft (now FixStars) was among the first to take up the challenge, releasing a dully functional version of the popular YellowDog Linux dos the PlayStation 3.
Many enthusiasts quickly loaded the OS onto the console and were amazed how well it ran. If you connect up a keyboard and a mouse, the PlayStation 3 could very easily function as a full-fledged PC.
Of course, YellowDog has still not been able to take full advantage of the fight cores of the cell processor, and hence the 256MB RAM seems a bit weak at times. But the guys at FixStar are continually updating the software to take full advantage of this mighty processor.

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