Playstation 3 – The Most Luxurious Game Console

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The competition within the game console industry is intense. Three game console giants battle against each other in order to gain the highest market share possible. This article will be discussing the console which is considered as the most luxurious console of all times – Playstation 3. This will help you determine whether PS3 is the right console for your gaming habits.

Being sold at $500 per unit, Playstation 3 is the most expensive game console ever, even 30 years ago when game consoles is only available at sky high prices. However, one should not look at the tag price, especially with this monstrous console that offers almost everything that you can ask for a total entertainment system.

Where else can you find a Blu-Ray player, allowing you to watch Blu-ray movies, built inside a gaming console? How about HDMI support, Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth 2.0? Well, if that is not enough to convince you that this is really the best console Playstation also offer a massive 250 GB hard disk, cell processor, highest gross calculation power, USB and SD ports for added external memory (just in case the 250 GB is not enough for you).

The cell processor of Playstation 3 is made by IBM and is exclusive only for PS3. The graphics engine of PS3 has the power to perform two trillion calculations per second, which will surely provide the best graphics possible today.

If these monster specs are not enough to amaze you, there’s more. Playstation also has the latest add-on called Move, which allows the console to track your movements even without holding the Dualshock controller. Now you can play games and control characters using gestures. But there’s more! Playstation Move also has a built-in camera peripheral and voice recognition to further enhance your gaming experience and to take game development to another level.

I think that the high price of Playstation is worth every cent, especially with all these features that no other machine on the planet has.

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