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Objects in the Game

The Table:-A Table is an object on which the rummy game is played. It is characterized by two players seated across each other, two sets of 13 cards called the hands of the players, two piles of cards - one called the closed deck and the other the open deck, a joker and lastly the finish slot.
The Players:-The players are two individuals playing the rummy game in real time over the internet, each trying to meet the objective of the game faster than the other so as to win the game.
The Hands:-Each player is dealt 13 cards at the start of the game. These 13 cards are referred to as a player's hand. The first 13 cards are the starting hand and the hand changes as the game progresses and the player picks and discards cards. During a player's turn, a player's hand can have 14 cards.
The Closed Deck:-This pile of cards is face down and consists of all the cards (26) except the 26 cards dealt out to the two players before the start of the game. Before the start of the game, the top card from the closed deck is opened (put face up on the table), and this card becomes the first card in the open deck. A joker is subsequently picked from the closed deck and placed face up under it. Once this is done, the game starts where by the starting player can begin making his first move.

The Open Deck:-This pile of cards is open (face up, though only the top card can be seen by both players) and consists of those cards which have been discarded by the players during their turns. Post dealing the 13 cards to the players and prior to picking the joker, the top card of the closed deck is opened and placed separately on the table to mark the open deck.
The Joker:-Once the players have been dealt their respective hands and the top card of the closed deck is opened as mentioned above, a joker is picked randomly from the remaining 25 cards. The joker is a wild card which can be used in place of any other card. If a joker is used for its face value, it ceases to function as a joker.
The Finish Slot:-The finish slot is a separate space on the table which comes into play to mark the end of a rummy game. The first player who puts a card face down on the finish slot instead of face up on the open deck marks the end of his move and also the end of the game.

Top Objective of the Game :-The players' objective in Rummy is to: Arrange all 13 cards in hand as sequences and sets.Have at least one pure sequence with a minimum of 4 cards.If the above two conditions are met by a player's hand, the player can get ready to show his sets and sequences and claim victory, by discarding a card onto the finish slot.
What is a sequence?
A sequence is defined as a collection of three or more cards of consecutive numbers/values of the same suit. For instance A-2-3 of spades, A-K-Q-J of hearts, J-10-9-8 of diamonds and 2-3-4-5-6-7 of clubs are all sequences. A sequence can also be constructed with a joker, which is a card that can be used as any card. For example, if K is the joker, then 2-K-4-5 is a legitimate sequence if 2, 4 and 5 are of the same suit. Here K is used as the 3 of the same suit as 2, 4 and 5.
What is a pure sequence?
A sequence is said to be pure if there are no jokers used in forming that sequence. However, if the joker is used as the actual card itself and not the joker, the sequence is still a pure sequence. For instance, if K is the joker, then the sequence A-K-Q-J of Spades is considered a pure sequence. This is because in this instance the K of spades is used as the K of spades and not as the joker.
What is a set?
A set is a collection of a minimum of 3 cards and no more than 4 cards of the same face value. 3-3-3 and A-A-A-A are examples of sets. The joker can be used in a set as well. For instance, if K is the joker, then 3-K-3 is a legitimate set.
Top Playing the Game
A rummy game starts with the toss to determine which of the two players will be the dealer and which will be the receiver. This is followed by dealing 13 cards to each player, opening the first card of the remaining cards (the closed deck) as the open card to mark the open deck, followed by picking of a joker. The game then starts with players making their moves until either of the players brings the game to an end by discarding a card face down in the finish slot. Subsequently, the winner is decided after both players show their hand. If the player who discarded onto the finish slot has correctly met the objective (defined above), he is declared the winner; else his opponent is declared the winner.
The Toss
A deck is laid out (spread out) horizontally; face down with both players clicking on a card to select it.
The person who gets the lower card becomes the dealer. (Comparing cards happens first on the basis of number, then on suit. Order of suits is Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and then Clubs).
Dealing the Cards
The person who is not the dealer is called the receiver. The receiver is dealt the first card, and each player is dealt cards alternately till each has 13 cards.
Then a card is dealt face up on the table as the open card. This open card is the first card in the open deck.
Picking of Joker
The rest of the closed deck is spread on the table so that the dealer can pick a card. This card is the joker for the game.
Once the joker is decided, all the cards spread out are gathered into the deck, and the joker is placed face up under the closed deck.
There will be three jokers in a game (as the fourth will lie under the closed deck).
Player Moves
After the joker has been picked by the dealer, the game starts with the receiver being able to make the first move.
During any move, a player picks up the top most card from either the open deck or the closed deck.
After the 14th card has been picked, a card must be discarded face up (open) onto the open deck marking the end of the player's move, and leaving them with 13 cards as before.
At any point, a player can arrange/move around the cards in his hand whether it is his turn or not.
Once the player's move ends, the other player makes his move in a similar fashion as described above.
The players - the receiver and the dealer alternate moves by discarding face up in the open deck until one of them discards a card (face-down) in the finish slot. This marks the end of the game.
Top Finish and Scoring
Discarding in the Finish Slot.Once either player discards a card in the finish slot, the game ends.The players arrange their cards and then place them on the table to show their hands to each other.The player who placed his card in the finish slot should show a hand which meets the objective of the game described above. If the player's hand meets the objective, he is declared the winner. If not, the opponent is declared the winner.
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