Plausible efforts to save species from dying by Avivet

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There live many species of birds, rodents and reptiles on the earth but not every animal or bird gets proper attention it deserves. Man has been cruel to animals and birds and this evident from the dwindling number of species both on land and in water. A few people strive to do justice with dying species but their efforts are just a drop in the ocean.Avivet is one such person who is trying hard to save these little residents that find no space in todayís urbane villages. The cosmopolitan cities of new age could have green areas marked for human population but they are not suitable for rodents, birds and other endangered species.

Once upon a time, there was greenery all over the earth. Today mankind has restricted the fellow residents to marked areas called eco areas. There is hardly any person who cares about the birds, reptiles etc. living in these eco forests.Avivet is a kind hearted person who looks for diseased or handicapped species. He provides them solace and treatment in is specialty hospital that has each and every facility required to treat an ailing animal or bird or reptile. The hospital is running successfully and can treat numerous birds, animals and reptiles at a time.

Avivet invites pet lovers to come forward and bring their ailing pets for treatment instead of leaving them to die of hunger or disease in a secluded place. The hospital is open to all animals, birds, reptiles and rodents living on the planet. The shop at the hospital sells food for various birds and animals. One can even find accessories necessaries for rearing a bird or rodent. For instance the hospital shop provides cage for birds and rodents. The cages are spacious, airy and allow natural light and air to pass through. One can even put grass and mud in the cage to help the bird or rodent in accommodating in the new atmosphere.

Noble effort by Avivet to save the species of the planet has been appreciated by the world community. Today the animal and birdís hospital offers a safe haven for species running the risk of being wiped out from the planet. Manís greed for space, minerals, water and wood has resulted in the extinction of many birds, rodents, reptiles and many other species including tortoise and frogs. The animal and birdís hospital is a kind step to assert the right to live of every species.

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