Platforms and Devices for the Future: Let Mobile Software Development Companies decide the Survivor

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In purview of smart phone platform owners, trying to surmount its rivals, mobile software development companies are leaning more towards cross platform application development than focusing to build for a single market. Mobile platforms have adopted larger than life approach to promote its OS. With propelling growth in the mobile and wireless market, the competition among the top platforms is becoming fierce, making it difficult to predict which platform would sustain in the long run and which will ebb out completely.

Right from Android to iOS and RIM, each one is launching a set of new functionality to attract users, making it difficult for mobile software development companies to gauge what will sell better and which device platform will be the most adoptive. In this article, we will take a quick look at what is due to be released from each of the top platforms and conclude which is the most expansive platform that mobile software development companies may choose, on priority.


The largest selling mobile platform is soon set to launch a successor of iPhone. Predicted to be named as iPhone 5—or whatever Apple may call it, Apple’s new device will not have a support from Google. Apple has decided to replace YouTube with its native media player, which may not be good news for most of the iPhone users. Nothing has been officially said about the screen type or size; however the speculations and the growing market reveals a 4 inch screen. It is expected to pull out a new slim, front panel covering its 4 inch display. Apart from this, the new iPhone would also feature 1GB RAM, 4G LTE network and NFC connectivity. It is expected to launch this September. This offers mobile software development companies an opportunity to build NFC-based apps for iPhone.


The next best selling device platform is Android. After many successful releases, Google’s widely distributed platform is to make its way in the next version of the most celebrated Nexus and the Samsung’s new Phablet—Galaxy Note 10.1. The latest Note is said to have a screen twice as large as its predecessor, much like a tablet. The new device is equipped with quad core processor that allows the platform to run multiple operations at a lightning fast speed. Size-wise Note is 10 inches and owns a power to produce, create and customize communication.


Past week, Windows 8 was distributed to a set of manufacturers. We are soon to see a Tablet supporting Windows 8. Windows 8 brings the radical shift in the way Windows was used earlier. Its main feature is home screen that features the touch-centric boxes. Windows 8 will either awe tablet users or will soon find its potential market. However, the platform is sure flourish.


The new Blackberry 10 OS is soon to release. Even after many delays, RIM CEO claims that RIM is looking forward to launch the best platform giving tough competition to the present smart phone market leaders—Apple and Android. It is believed that the new Blackberry 10 will totally turn the RIM market. However, analysts think of it as otherwise. They believe It can only give some boost to the sales.

The current market looks favorable for iPhone. iPhone being the most lucrative option, we would always suggest mobile software development companies to look forward to create the best for this platform, as Apple users do not compromise.

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