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At the age of 25, Katie Piper was on the cusp of stardom as a model and TV presenter. Stunning and spirited, she was looking forward to a long and prosperous career in the spotlight. But she had no idea about the horrors that were waiting around the corner. In 2008, her jilted boyfriend Danny Lynch violently raped Katie, and then launched an unprovoked and cowardly attack that threatened to steal away Katie's dreams. In full view of a CCTV camera, Lynch threw full cup of caustic acid at Katie's face, leaving her screaming in pain, her skin falling away as she cried in terror.

The aftermath of the attack was horrific. The acid had burnt through every layer of Katie's skin. She had fourth degree burns, and her eyes had been welded together, leaving her blind in one eye. She didn't know whether or not she would pull though.

Months later, after 32 gruelling operations and agonizing rehabilitation, brave Katie Piper has a new face built from synthetic skin and grafts from her back. And she feels like she has her life back. This is thanks entirely to one man: Dr Mohammad Jawad. Dr Jarwad is a plastic surgeon based at a private surgery called Nip n Tuck in London, and his burns reconstruction work on Katie has been hailed as groundbreaking. When Katie Piper was carted into A and E last year, she had no idea she was in the hands of one the best reconstructive surgeons in the country. At the time Dr Jawad was working as a consultant plastics and reconstructive surgeon at the NHS hospital in Chelsea, Westminster. It would take days before Katie even knew Dr Jawad's name. Now she simply refers to him as "My hero."

In an interview with True Beauty Magazine, Katie said that she is still anxious about going out alone, fearing another attack. But she has a positive outlook. "I want to be able to restore a good quality of life. I want to be able to shout and laugh. That's what's important to me—not restoring what society says is beautiful, because I feel beautiful."

Mohammad Jawad was asked whether Katie would ever be scar-free. He said, "She will always have scars, but there is no reason she can't achieve the Katie who she was. Not necessarily 100%. I think we're going to get 90%, 95%. I think it will be a great breakthrough."

When asked if Katie Piper was beautiful, Dr Jawad answered, "Absolutely, absolutely."

Katie faces more surgery on her cheek and nose, and another six months wearing a protective mask, but she remains defiant. "The human spirit is an amazing thing and, with positivity, I believe you can get through adversity."

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