Plasma TV Used in School for Education

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Todays children are growing up surrounded by television and video. Visual media is already an essential component of classroom instruction. Especially in recent years, plasma TV sets have been installed in more and more schools with the support from different educational agencies. 

These plasma TVs are mostly designed for use in presentations, dynamic messaging, training and teleconferencing. Teachers can present courseware through plasma TVs and also some other types of training material. Students can get the latest school news and view other students good job. Thus, contribute greatly to both the teaching process and the construction of campus culture. Students can learn in an innovative way, and school introduces a new way to communicate with students. 

Plasma TVs are usually connected to a DVD player, VCR, HDTV decoder set top box, external audio connections, gaming services, and a PC. In most conditions, school use DVD players and PCs as the media. As a result of this, information that is to be presented through plasma TVs is commonly stored in video or DVD format. 

The preparation wok of the material to be broadcasted could be huge and time spent. If you are the person who has been assigned this task on campus, in which mean you would finish it. Maybe some of you may think that this task is a hard one which requires complex computer skills. Indeed, not everyone has a founded flash, programming skill, but with right tools, you can also make it easy.  

Regarding the Powerful function that PowerPoint has, here is a way of how to make a video or DVD based upon it. Below are some advantages of doing so 

As PowerPoint is available on almost all computers at school, you dont need to buy additional content authoring tools 

 PowerPoint is frequently used to prepare for courseware, teachers can operate it easily. No professional computer skills are required 

Besides texts, you can also insert customized backgrounds, pictures, animations, movies and etc into a PowerPoint. It is ideal to form the content of your video 

After you finish form the content of your video with PowerPoint, the next step is to convert it to video formats or burn it to onto DVD discs.  

1. Turn the PowerPoint you made to video format, here are two ways for you 

Use Windows Movie Maker which comes with all Windows XP and Vista installed computer 

Step 1 Save your PowerPoint slide show as PNG images 

Step 2 Import the pictures to your Windows Movie Maker 

Step 3 Select all the imported images and add them to the Storyboard 

Step 4 Add video effects to the slides optional 

Step 5 Save the slide show as Movie File 

Use some professional tools which will make this job easy such as Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter.BTW, there are many other ways out there of converting your PowerPoint presentations to video, you may find more by searching on Google. 

2. Burn the PowerPoint onto a DVD disc:  

If your prefer DVD as the media, you may find many tools on Google. I wrote an article about burn PowerPoint to DVD. It introduces 5ways for you, including free ways and costeffective ways.  

With the tips mentioned above, I believe creating a video or DVD for your school is not as difficult as you think. Just play the video or DVD on the PC, your information could be viewed everywhere on the campus where the plasma TV is deployed. 

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