Plasma Television Rentals— The Future of Audiovisual Rentals

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With an increasing demands for a unique experience for trade shows, meetings, conferences, etc., organizers are slowly opening their eyes to the importance of plasma television rentals. Set to change the way people thought of audiovisual solutions while raising the bar of technical quality and efficiency, plasma television rentals mark the dawn of the digital age.

Now-a-days, innovative audio-visual rental solutions are slowly redefining the way an individual experiences a seminar, a presentation or an event. Over the past few years, several rental companies have sprung up offering a gamut of services, allowing an event to open up smoothly, as planned, without an audio or visual glitch. Among the several offerings of rental companies are video wall displays, computer rentals, notebook rentals, mixers, speakers, etc. However, a recent phenomenon slowly gaining increasing relevance is plasma television rentals.

Plasma display televisions are much thinner as compared to the old cathode ray tubes, and more often than not, offer a higher resolution, resulting in greater picture quality and sharpness. Plasma televisions consist of two sheets of glass with the noble gases xenon and neon in between them. The gases are then turned to plasma with the help of electricity and subsequently, by the means of excited phosphors emit visible light. The advantage of plasma TVs is that they contain more pixels per inch as compared to the old-fashioned cathode ray televisions. Another remarkable advantage of plasma televisions rentals is the saving of space. Many display screens can be positioned in comparatively less space. Cathode ray televisions, on the other hand, consume more space and this becomes particularly troublesome in the case of small events in smaller venues. Plasma televisions also have an advantage when it comes to transportation, as they are much lighter as compared to rear projection televisions. Because of these unique advantages a plasma television enjoys, plasma television rentals have picked up pace across the country.

Another fascinating visual solution offered to customers is the video wall. The video wall consists of several televisions placed next to each other to form a contiguous frame. Several customers opt for a plasma television video wall, in which several high-definition plasma televisions are positioned such that every video frame is split into different sections but can be seen seamlessly over the several plasma screens. There are several combinations available for video walls, which may range from 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4, depending upon the specific needs of customers. The video walls of plasma televisions are typically used for impressive experiences in trade shows, presentations and exhibition booths.

Plasma television rentals are opening new vistas of experience and redefining the way organizers hold trade shows, seminars, meetings, presentations, conferences, etc.

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