Planning a Party?

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Are you a real party animal? Do you just plain like throwing or attending parties? Or are you new to the party scene and still unsure what to send off and to whom? Well, if you are planning a party, then we have a lovely application that you can use to make your party planning easier, and more fun. If you are planning a party for yourself, or for a friend and want to invite your guests, then this is a really great way to go about it.

First and foremost decide on the guest list and the venue. Whether you want to have your party at home, at a restaurant, a spa, a bowling alley, amusement park ...well the possibilities are endless!

Once all that is decided, all you have to do is go to our “Plan a Party” tab section at and login. You can create an account or just login with your Facebook, username and password. Then the party page will open up, where you can enter the event title and put it under a category listed there. For example, if you are having an anniversary, then name it accordingly, or if a get together is on your agenda, then name it so. You can make it more fun by uploading an appropriate picture for the event, and then name the host for the event. Then put in the phone number of the host, the location (It can be someone’s residence, a restaurant, or a club, wherever you want) and its address. Select the date and time of the event, and check in the following details: like whether the invitees can see each other or not, is RSVP required or not, and if you want to receive a copy of the invite. After that, you can enter the message to go with the invitation.

Then move on to the list of people you want to invite and just click on ADD GUEST. You can import your contacts from your e-mail, or put them in separated by commas, one by one, and fill in the details yourself. To import contacts from your email save your party as a draft and click on the “Your Account” link on the top right corner of the page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on address book. The “add to address book” link will show up, click on that link to import contacts from your yahoo, hotmail or gmail account. You can also preview a copy before sending, or save the invite for some other time by saving a draft of it. And when you would want to send them, just click on the send button, and Voila! You are done.

Your guests will get a copy of the invite in their e-mail, and they can then check in with the host through the RSVP number provided or through the mail they received.

So that was a fun and easy way to plan a party with UrbanZing. Try it out and you would see how easy it is to invite a lot of people and keeping track of the invites without the hassle of going through a lot of phone calls or meetings.

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