Plagued With Eating Disorders

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I have often wondered why models are portrayed as extremely thin women. Does beauty only lie in women who are a size zero? I agree that extra weight on a person will lead to many health complications and hence it is better avoided. But, does everyone have to literally starve themselves to become a size zero in order to be appreciated and in order to be more like the models they see on the television screen?

I think media influences a lot of young women. They want to be like the miserably thin women they see on screen. They want to dress like those women too. Hence they need the kind of body they see on screen. That forces them to starve and get the ideal weight. This is a disease called anorexia nervosa. The best anorexia nervosa treatment is to be understanding towards your loved one who is suffering and spend lots of time with her.

In fact, there are also women who love to eat well. They cannot starve themselves to achieve their unrealistic goal. Hence, after they eat well, they are so plagued with their guilt that they rush for the bathroom and force all the food out. This is called binge eating disorder. The best binge eating disorder treatment is to first recognise that your loved one has a problem and talk to her about it.

When binge eating becomes a part of their daily routine, you will begin to notice the changes in their appearance and behaviour. It is nothing short of a disease that needs to be treated by a professional. Of course, they will need all the support they can get from you because they will suffer from low self esteem. These patients will need constant monitoring to get back on the right track again. They will need medication and frequent trips to the doctor. They may even be advised hospitalisation.

The best anorexia nervosa treatment is for the person to first realise she has a problem and want to conquer it. She must stay away from places and people who may tempt her. The same goes for binge eating disorder treatment. Keep a lot of healthy foods in the house. Avoid lecturing the person but be supportive and let them learn from your example. Try and reduce stress levels and donít forget to get professional help.

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