Pitfalls of IP PBX

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There are always some particular points involved to be avoided while you are purchasing something or when you are switching off from one service to another. While choosing the PBX, you must take into consideration your budgetary requirements are met and the fact that all your required features are involved in it. Last but not the least, it should operate on several of the servers and connection if there is a need at any time.

The “redundant” feature is a must. It should have the alternate routing options so that the company never loses touch with the customer base and the clients. The business should not suffer at the cost of losing some of the clients. If in any case there is some urgency, it should be informed to the users well ahead of time and should be preferred in the off peak hours. This way the business would not suffer in any case.

It is an added advantage if your IP PBX gets integrated with the VoIP and the data communications. In addition to that, you should also avoid the following things

• Downtime

Some hosts are working on the lines of airlines. They overbook the subscribers. They do it counting the average number of users using the service at a particular time. These results in the more subscriptions than the server can handle. This results in the increasing number of outrages. This is why you need to look for the host who guarantees no downtime with regard to the overbooking concept.

• Reduced features

When you are accessing to the IP PBX, you must not compromise on the quality. There is no excuse for the limited number of features provided by the host. You cannot make the most of the service you are using by the access to the restricted features. Ask your host to give you unlimited access to the features. You might require any of them at any time.

• Unnecessary High Costs

The fact that you are using switch means that you have not to worry about the high communication costs. There should be no fixed charges for every month. You should pay for the service you are using and not for the ones you are able to use. Make sure that your host is not charging you money unnecessarily.

All the above points should be kept in mind while you are planning to switch over to IP PBX. It should be beneficial for you if you are switching off and exchanging your networking services.

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