Pig Story ~ Piggis Play Games by Dave Donicci

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We hope you find this short pig story enjoyable...

School holidays are a time when all children can enjoy themselves and have lots of fun. On this particular holiday children's voices could be heard throughout the whole of PiggiParadise. It was a sunny day and everyone was in a good mood.

At PiggiPalace the children were playing in the back yard. PiggiPirate was on the swing, PiggiPatch was polishing his cricket bat and PiggiPanda was helping his mom to tidy the garden.

PiggiPink was looking at a book, PiggiPeaches was admiring herself in her mirror as usual, and occasionally combed her hair, and PiggiPlump was trying to decide whether she should have another cookie from her small red bag.

But things just weren't lively enough for PiggiPirate.

"Let's play team games," he said, "boys against the girls."

"That wouldn't be fair," said PiggiPeaches, "because the boys always win."

PiggiPlump did not agree and said that she would be quite willing to play any game against the boys. PiggiPink said that she wasn't any good at games but would be happy to join in.

PiggiPatch thought that the boys could beat the girls at almost any outdoor game and suggested they played cricket. The girls thought this would be very unfair because they knew how good PiggiPatch was at his favourite game.

"No," said PiggiPlump, "we don't want to play cricket but we will play you at football."

The boys agreed, since they thought they would win quite easily. They put a goal at each end of the garden and placed the ball in the middle of the pitch. PiggiPanda was in goal for the boys' team and PiggiPlump was in goal for the girls.

PiggiPrincess blew on a small whistle and the game began. PiggiPirate passed the ball to PiggiPatch who dribbled around PiggiPeaches. He found this rather easy because PiggiPeaches was admiring herself in her mirror again.

He then pushed the ball through PiggiPink's legs and took a shot at goal. The ball bounced off PiggiPlump's stomach and flew half way up the pitch towards PiggiPink. PiggiPink shuffled the ball forward to PiggiPeaches who then pushed it with her mirror towards PiggiPanda in goal. PiggiPanda was saved this quite easily.

Although the boys tried several times they just could not get the ball past PiggiPlump who managed to get her body in the way every time. When PiggiPrincess blew the whistle for the end of the game the score was Boys: 0, Girls: 0, a draw.

Everyone was very hot and thirsty after their football match, so they were very relieved to see that PiggiPrincess had made a large jug of lemonade and had set this out with cups on a small wooden table on the lawn.

After they had recovered from their football match PiggiPirate thought they might have a 'Tug of War' competition. He had found a long piece of rope in PiggiPete's garage and told PiggiPanda to tie one end around his waist. PiggiPlump did the same at the other end of the rope and the other four piggis took up their positions along the rope.

When PiggiPrincess blew the whistle they all began to pull as hard as they could. The boys pulled and pulled with all their strength but found they could make no progress. With PiggiPlump at the other end of the rope all their efforts were in vain.

PiggiPlump then instructed her team to pull even harder and asked PiggiPeaches if she would mind putting her comb and mirror down for just a moment. Soon the girls were able to pull the boys towards them, especially with PiggiPlump who was now leaning right back and puffing her cheeks out as if she was going to explode.

The girls were the champions and how pleased they were.
"Three cheers for the girls," screamed PiggiPanda. PiggiPink was more excited than anyone that her team had won.

"I don't think I have ever won a game before," she announced.

PiggiPrincess explained to them that it wasn't always the boys who won at outdoor games.

The above short pig story was written by Dave Donicci.

Karen Wade is a school teacher and internet marketing coach. The short pig story above was written by her dad, Dave Donicci. Please click below for more free pig stories, pig videos and a pig colouring-in set.

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